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19 Jan 2019

The Most Annoying Things About Moving

Whenever you’re making a big move, there are always a few things that really really take the goat. They are just like all the other things, however, in that they are unavoidable. You have to do them, even though you know you don’t want to. That’s why it's common to leave these things to the end and sometimes that can be at a detriment to the whole move. Like the scene from Home Alone, you’ll be waking up in the morning and rushing around knowing that you have left the most annoying things to the last minute. But you don’t need to put them off, you just have to find different ways of doing them. Moving the heavy things is one the most common that gets left to the last minute. You give yourself the excuse that because these items are heavy they should be the last to get loaded anyway because they might crush something. Here are some easy ways to get the things you most hate about moving, done in an easier way.

The dreaded furniture moving

Throwing yourself on the sofa after a long day and bouncing up off the cushions, can lead you to believe that all you’re sitting on is a bit of cloth and some air. It's only when you are going to move do you realize just how heavy sofas, chairs and other furniture like ottomans can be. So how can you move these items in preparation for loading when your truck arrives on the morning of the move? Firstly, you should remember that going through the front door isn’t always the best choice. Better yet, you should take off all the cushions and take the sofa out through the patio and the rear gate. This means that the truck will have to be parked closer to the rear of the home so it can be loaded straight on. To make things easier, you might want to rent a pallet jack that can lift many hundreds of kilos. It makes large leather sofa light as air when picked up.

The forgotten cleaning phase

Many times when you finally load up all your things and then come back to leave the key on the kitchen counter, you realize that the home is a bit dirty. After all the tables and chairs have been removed, you realize that the home might need a quick clean. But when this thought hits you it's usually too late and you are urgently required to move on and travel to your new home. Some companies like Insta Move will not only load up your items for you but also, spring clean your home afterward. This leaves the home spick and span, so there’s no chance of the new owners making formal complaints that you left the home in a bad state. 

Almost everyone forgets the cleaning phase and by then they need to hurry up and empty the home. There are a select few companies that will actually clean the home up for you after they load up all your items. Using a pallet truck helps you to lift all the heavy items in your home with easy so if are hiring a truck this is something essential.

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