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3 Jan 2019

3 Best Apps To Sync All Of Your Devices

From Apple iPods to Android Smartphones to Windows PCs; there are a phenomenal number of different devices available today. Because of this, syncing has become much more significant. After all, what happens when you want to transfer music from your Windows computer to your Apple iPod? Without synchronisation, these devices wouldn’t be able to work in harmony with one and other. Therefore, read on to discover the top three apps you need to download when it comes to syncing your digital device.


iTunes: The best place to store and play your music and videos

There is only one place to start and this is with the popular Apple iTunes. iTunes provides you with the perfect place to store all of your digital music and videos. And whilst it may be an Apple program it can still be used on Windows and other platforms too. Better yet, it can be used on all of these platforms with absolutely no cost to you.

Aside from providing you with a great program for listening to your music, iTunes is also fantastic for storing effectively. You can organise your songs based on a wealth of different factors, such as; song name, track length, how many times you have listened to the track, artist, album, genre, and your rating. You will need a good mobile plan with substantial data to make the most of iTunes, especially on the go, so it is definitely worth checking out https://budgetboost.co/att-wireless-phone-plan-review/. Furthermore, this media player allows you to sync your music to an array of different devices from your iPhone to your Apple TV. And let's not ignore the Apple iTunes store either whereby you can purchase an array of songs, videos, games, and apps.

Dropbox: Storage made easy across all platforms

Dropbox can be used across all popular operating systems and mobile phone platforms. Thus, this fantastic web service is something everyone is likely to be able to benefit from.

Dropbox defines the meaning of organisation. You will be able to store all of the files, photos, information, data, media files and alike that you could possibly need. This encompasses files located on your computer as well as your mobile phone thus ensuring that everything is synced together effectively. Thus if you are going away on a short vacation, then on the train you can spend time working on a work project on your smartphone, and then a mere few hours later when you arrive at your destination you can share photos with your friends via a PC.

Google Drive: Safely store all of your files

And last but by no means least, we have Google Drive. Head to https://www.androidauthority.com/how-to-use-google-drive-860193/ for a full guide on this. This popular app allows you to create files, store them, and share them effectively too. You will be able to access your files from anywhere in the world and via any device; from your home Windows computer to your Apple iPad.

The great thing about this app, in particular, is that Google offers you a significant amount of storage space to get you going; 5GB. If you require any more storage then you can easily attain this for a small fee. Nevertheless, 5GB is substantial enough for the majority of people.

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