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20 Dec 2018

Looking After The Exterior Of Your Home


When it comes the home, the exterior is just as important as the interior. You want your home to look presentable for guests and perhaps even potential buyers in the future, so here are a few ways to look after the exterior of your property.

Get The Windows Cleaned Regularly


Windows are very noticeable when they get dirty, so it’s useful to have a window cleaner on call to come and clean your windows when needed. You can also clean the interior side of the windows too as they can often get a build up of grime and moisture over time.

There’s plenty of services out there that offer all types of exterior cleaning. Anything from cladding cleaning, to patio and driveways.

Replace Or Paint Your Front Door


The front door is the face of your home and therefore if it looks a little worn or lacking colour, why not give it a fresh lick of paint? Either that or you can replace the door completely if it’s looking a little tired and worn out.

If you want to paint it though, go for a bold colour, rather than any neutrals. A bold colour can make your home stand out from the rest. Try to use a type of paint that is durable for outdoors, so that it will last as long as possible.

Fix The Cracks

Over time, the exterior can develop cracks and holes from the changing of seasons and certain weather conditions. Therefore, it' important to check that there are no entry points for the cold to get in or for vermin to find their way in. The last thing you want is an infestation!

Cracks and holes are pretty easy to fill in yourself, but if you don’t have the time or perhaps know-how to do it, you can also hire a handyman or builder to sort it out for you.

Don’t Forget The Garden


Your garden is an important part of the presentation to the exteriors of your home. Often a lot of people will forget about the garden, which means weeds grow, and the outdoor space can end up looking unkempt. If you don’t fancy yourself a gardener, opt for fuss-free plants and flowers that don’t need a lot of attention. Trim the grass often and install a water feature or pond to really show off to the neighbours.

Check The Roof And Chimney


The roof is what’s keeping a lid on your home, defending you from harsh weather conditions. So it’s important to check the roof regularly for any signs of damage, particularly if you’ve had a bout of bad weather. The chimney (if you have a functioning one), should be cleaned out annually too. A lot of debris and even wildlife can stumble their way into the chimney, so it’s important you get someone around to clean it out.

Keep an eye on your property, especially throughout the seasons no matter whether your home is brand new or it’s been around for years.
Do you have any tips for looking after the exterior of your home? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Oh, the garden! No, nobody should forget the garden :) Thanks for your tip!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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