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6 Nov 2018

Pairing Vegan Food with the Perfect Vegan-Friendly Wines

Pairing Vegan Food with the Perfect Vegan-Friendly Wines - wine glass

More people than ever are starting to follow a vegan lifestyle, meaning they consume no animal products at all. Maintaining this diet has many challenges, among them how food and beverages have been manufactured. Wine is a typical example of a product that vegans will look at very carefully. Everyone knows wine is made from grapes, but sometimes they are put through processes that involve the use of animal products. If you are a committed vegan you will need to know which ones are vegan-friendly wines, and which meals they will pair best with.

Not All Wines Are Vegan

It may surprise you to know that not all wines are suited to a vegan diet. They all start off in the same way, with grapes from the vine being pressed. However, some of them are then put through a process known as fining. In this process fining agents are added, which draw away large proteins and other elements in wines that have not aged. They also help to remove the cloudiness of young wines.

The problem is that some of these fining agents include animal products such as gelatine, fish proteins, milk proteins, crustacean shell fibre, and egg whites. This results in them no longer being considered suitable for vegans.

Find Vegan-Friendly Wines 

Finding vegan-friendly wines can be a bit like a wine quiz. You need to read each label with care and look for the processes that have been used in its manufacture. There are some vegan wines that still go through the fining process, but the difference is what the fining agents are made from. Look for ones that have been fined with clay or carbon, to know they are a safe part of your vegan diet.

Some wineries are now offering young wines without the fining process having taken place. It does mean they can be cloudy, but that only affects the look, not the taste.

The label should have all the information you need, but it really is a case of reading them as not all wines acceptable wines are marked vegan-friendly.

Pairing Vegan Food with the Perfect Vegan-Friendly Wines - wine bottle

Match Flavours Of Wines And Foods

Some people associate the type of wine they should have with the type of meat they are eating, but there are many of them that will be very enjoyable with vegan meals as well. You just need to think about how sour or sweet a wine is and how that will go with the meal you are preparing.

Things like stir-fried vegetables and veggie burgers go well with a light-bodied white wine, where a red wine goes better with olive based dishes. The most important thing is to choose a wine that will not overpower the flavour of the meal you are serving.

It is not a bad idea to keep a note of your successful pairing so that in the future you do not have to do all the research again. This will help you to shop more efficiently and will make it simpler to stick to your vegan principles.

Which vegan-friendly wines to you pair with vegan food. Let me know in the comment below. 

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Pairing Vegan Food with Vegan-Friendly Wines


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