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5 Oct 2018

Pimp Up Your Pizza At Pizza Punks Newcastle

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The New Kid on The Block

Pizza Punks Newcastle is a new unique and quirky restaurant in the heart of Newcastle and a very welcome addition to the historic Grey Street. There are currently only 3 restaurants in the country, Glasgow, Newcastle and Belfast with plans for more of these wonderful pizza emporiums to be opened in various cities. 

When entering the restaurant you are instantly welcomed by the helpful and friendly staff and are made to feel right at home in the lovely warm and colorful surroundings. With an eclectic mix of neon signs, street art, and industrial style furnishings this kiss-ass restaurant has a funky and vibrant interior. All these things put together make Pizza Punks Newcastle a pretty darn Instagramable restaurant.  


The drinks menu at Pizza Punks is creatively known as Lubrication. Here you will find a selection of drinks including Freakshakes where you can get your freak on and enjoy some milky loveliness such as a Vegan Chocolate Brownie milkshake for £6, yes, please!. Or if you're after the hard stuff there is a great choice of cocktails including Sherbet Cherry and Mallowdramatic for £7.

Pizza Punks Newcastle is also a supporter of local businesses. The fantastically branded Anarchy Brewery beer is brewed just around the corner in Morpeth. Yaaaaaas, for supporting small independent businesses!

Environment Matters

I was well excited when I saw that Sanpellegrino Lemon was on the drinks menu, I may have even done a little squeal. I mean I LOVE the stuff! It's a fizzy can of lemony goodness, that would be lush with gin. Why have I never tried Scanpellergrino with gin?! Anyway, I digress. When receiving my little can of lemony goodness I noticed it came with a straw. I ask if Pizza Punks have ever thought about getting rid of straws as I'm a huge supporter of the Refuse The Straw campaign. I was thrilled, pleased and elated when I was told that all straws used at Pizza Punks Newcastle are biodegradable and made from plant starch! Not only that but unless you ask for one you will not receive a glass with your can. All these little changes help in the mission to reduce plastic waste and in turn, help save our oceans. Well done Pizza Punks Newcastle!

Cheesy Delight

Pizza Punks doesn't serve starters, however, they do a selection of rather tasty side dishes instead. There are a few veggie options to have as a side dish such as a choice of garlic bread and salads. I ordered a bit on the side of Mac N' Cheese made with Scottish cheddar which I punked up with jalapenos and spring onions. This delicious bit of mac and cheese cost a mere £4 which in my opinion is a bargain as the size of the dish is pretty generous. The combination of stretchy melted cheese with macaroni was just da bomb and tasted so good! You do get a healthy portion so be sure to leave some room for the main deal afterward.  

Even the pizza oven is repping the Pizza Punks Newcastle brand! I can confirm that the oven is hot, extremely hot! The chef needs a medal for working in close proximity to that oven. Or a fan, a fan would also work to cool him off. 

Punked Up Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, right? It's the ultimate comfort food. The Pizza Punks pizza is inspired by a love of pizza and a drive to deliver something different, unique and tasty. You get to pick your own pizza toppings, customise the pizza the way you want it with the things you love to eat. If you like falafel, pineapple and sweetcorn on a pizza than you just go right ahead and put those toppings right on there. Nobody is going to stop you, nobody is going to judge you, Pizza Punks Newcastle is a safe place and is completely weird pizza toppings friendly.

How Pizza Punks works:

  • Choose your base - sourdough or gluten-free
  • Sauce it up - add a sauce of your choice, either red, white or BBQ
  • Add the cheese - mozzarella, scamorza, goats, vegan or parmesan
  • PUNK IT UP! - add the toppings of your choice, ALL the toppings!

The punk it up part is my favorite part, however, admittedly I was quite tame with my pizza topping choice. I opted for sourdough, red sauce, mozzarella with added onion, jalapenos, sweetcorn, artichokes, pineapple, and basil. The pizza turned out seriously yummy and I gave myself a pat on the back for my excellent pizza topping choices. The pizza is a nice hearty size, however, if you don't have the stomach to finish it all especially after that superb Mac N' Cheese you can take the leftovers home in a box to munch on later.

Basically, you get UNLIMITED pizza toppings for no extra cost. You pay £10 and you can go all out with toppings galore! For those of you that are meat eaters, there are also many dead things options to top your pizza with (just saying). If you don't want to indulge in this pizza topping frenzy, there is also a standard normal pizza menu including the vegan Fake Moos to sink your teeth into with prices ranging from £6 to £10.

Thank you, Pizza Punks Newcastle for providing me with such a scrumptious meal. The Mac N' Cheese was just the shizz and getting to pick my own pizza toppings (as many toppings as I wanted) was so much fun. I absolutely love the vibe of the place, the interiors, the music, and the atmosphere is super chill. And I have to mention the AWESOME staff. I honestly had such a laugh while I was there (I may have been lying on the floor taking photos), the staff are friendly, attentive and really funny. There are so many different pizza topping possibilities that I'll have to keep going back to try them all out, and I can't wait to go back!

Have you been to Pizza Punks Newcastle? Let me know in the comments below or book your own table HERE.

*I was kindly gifted a meal for 2 and drinks from Pizza Punks Newcastle



  1. Pizza Punks is great, we went on Saturday & will def be back

    1. I really enjoyed and I can't wait to go back and enjoy some of the cocktails!


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