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13 Jun 2018

No Air Conditioning? No Problem! Here Are 8 Simple Ways to Keep Cool During Summer

Most have us have already felt the early summer heat, and it’s probably enough to make you shell out big money for an air conditioning system. Sadly, they’re expensive, bulky and many homes aren’t built for air conditioners in the first place, meaning it might require some additional construction to get them working correctly.

Thankfully, there are plenty of great ways to keep yourself cool at home during the summer without splashing out the cash for an air conditioner.

Remember your ceiling fans have two settings

If you’re lucky enough to have a ceiling fan, then remember that it has two different settings. One is to push air down, and another is to bring air up. Place your hand below the fan and make sure that it’s set to push air down and create a cooling effect instead of bringing air up.

Cool your body, not just your home

There are plenty of ways to help your body stay cool and not just your home. Some obvious choices include wearing different clothes and taking more frequent showers, but you could also change out your meals for cold foods or consider drinking less hot tea and more iced tea.

Change your windows

Many people don’t realize that double glazing is a great way to both stay cool during summer and warm during winter. Double glazing can help keep the cool air inside of your home while simultaneously stopping UV damage that can affect you and your home. It has many benefits, so make sure you consider installing double-glazed windows as a long-term investment for cheap cooling.

Make the most of cool nights

Nights are far more refreshing in the summer than the day, so use this to your advantage! Create a cooler working environment by doing your chores at night (if possible) and open the windows before you sleep to let a cool breeze in that will chill your home.

Cook outside

If you’re still using your oven and cooking indoors, you’re making a huge mistake! Cooking indoors is only going to make things worse because you’ll be steaming up your home, making everything hot and generally causing the entire home to heat up. Make the most of the outdoors and start grilling outside and making use of the nice weather.

Invest in some nice curtains

While the sunlight is fantastic, the heat isn’t. Make sure you invest in some thick blinds or curtains, especially in rooms that you won’t be using often, to keep the sunlight from heating up your home. It’s understandable that you’ll want some sunlight in rooms that you’re occupying, but you should block sunlight in rooms that you won’t use on a regular basis.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some good ideas on how you can keep cool without investing in air conditioning. With a bit of practice and long-term improvements to the way you deal with summer, you’ll find that you can save plenty of money and still keep the temperature comfortable.


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