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2 Jan 2018

Opposites Attract: Mixing Old And New Décor Trends

It’s hipster to decorate a house with retro interior design trends. Whether it’s a cosy farmhouse or 19th-century Victorian apartment, going back in time is all the rage. Of course, an entirely outdated home is stylish but lacks practicality. In the 21st century, a homeowner needs elements of modern day living to make life easier. To get the balance right, it’s essential to mix old and new as one to bring the property together. But, be wary because making opposites attract isn’t as easy as it seems. If you are in need of some inspiration, these décor tips may come in handy.

Crazy Contrast

Non-specialists think interior design is about subtle changes but that isn’t the case with mixing modern and archaic. Slipping a 21st-century coffee table into a French cottage-themed home would look out of the place, which is why you need to be heavy handed. According to experts like Peter Frank on http://www.housebeautiful.com, the trick is to join opposites to create an eclectic contrast. All a homeowner has to do is consider everything from the shape to the colour and then incorporate its opposite somewhere within the room. Hardwood flooring, for example, goes perfectly with a soft rug, whereas a rectangular sofa matches with a round table.

Light Meets Dark

Light fixtures have changed dramatically over the centuries, and for a good reason. Years ago, there was only candlelight to illuminate the home and it wasn’t bright enough. Nowadays, lamps, lanterns, and spotlights are all stylish and practical alternatives. But, that doesn’t mean that candles are burned out and have no more use. In a house of old and new, they go perfectly well placed next to sharp, contemporary fittings. An industrial-style hanging lamp with a candle chandelier is the ultimate example to keep in mind. That way, there is the bright glow offset by the soft ambience of the candles.

Product Placement

Bringing two styles together is like a game of chess: you need to know where all the pieces go. The good folks at http://www.therenovationcompany.com.au don’t guarantee results on a whim but a carefully developed plan. They know what moves to make and when, and homeowners need to think in the same way. Take the bathroom. Nothing would please you more than a standalone tub, yet it isn’t quick or accessible. But, you can mask the shower by installing it in the corner of the room and decorating the wall with a drawer or English secretary. That way, the focus is on the bathtub and no one notices the walk-in shower.

Quality Coverage

Without a doubt, the best way to bring old and new together is with a cover. Traditional pieces of furniture have ornate, sprawling features, such as wooden arms on couches. So, there is nothing wrong with throwing a blanket over the top with an ultra-modern texture. For one thing, the contrast is striking and the mixture of two styles effortless. Secondly, it isn’t a waste because the sofa still sticks out and dominates the room.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on how to mix old and new design trends successfully?  


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