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18 Aug 2017

What We Should Really Be Giving Our Best Friends For Their Birthday

Birthdays are always a demanding occasion (even when they’re yours), but when your best friend’s special day rolls around, it turns into something else entirely. A regular gift alone sometimes doesn’t feel like quite enough. So, here are a few ways to make the day truly special and make the most perfect expression of that most-valued friendship.

Something for just the two of you

For the gift, you should be one of the people who knows most of all what she likes. However, that doesn’t always make it easy to find something that’s going to have true emotional value. Forget the price tag, it’s the reaction you want to aim for. To that end, something that has special significance to the both of you, whether it’s a reference to a time spent together or an in-joke, can be just the thing to keep her spirits high. Personalised gifts are always a treat, too, taking the effort to get her something that’s uniquely to her, from you.

Your time

If she doesn’t have half-a-hundred other people vying for her time on her birthday, then taking the day out to spend pampering and treating her can be the perfect way to make her feel truly loved. A little quiet alone time can also make for a great contrast if someone else is taking the lead in organizing her birthday party. One that works a treat is having a special lunch for two with an afternoon tea. A day in a spa will leave both of you feeling refreshed and ready for a big night, too.

A night to remember

Of course, as her best friend it’s likely you’re going to have a hand in planning the party itself. If it’s a particularly special birthday, then consider making the night particularly special, too. Instead of just throwing a party at home or at your local, consider making your present to her a night amongst the high-rollers with club birthday packages for one of the most exclusive nightlife spots in the city. These packages involve more than just getting a private table that gives you some space to enjoy one another’s company. It also gives her (and the others attending) top-notch treatment and attention from the club’s staff, too.

Something super sappy

If you’re not the kind of friend who often verbally expresses just how much your pal means to you, then today is the day. You don’t have to make a speech of it, but rather it can feel a lot more genuine, considered and composed if you give her a letter thanking her for being a great friend. It’s definitely going to get some tears flowing, but that’s allowed on her birthday.

Your friend deserves to know how much she’s valued on her big day, and hopefully, the tips above give you a few ideas on how to do that. Whether it’s flat-out telling her, taking her out for a day trip or organising a night she’ll have fond memories of forever, it’s worth giving a little extra.

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