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26 Jun 2017

What To Do When Your Home Has No Breathing Room

It’s not an uncommon problem by any stretch of the imagination. A lot of people are living well beyond the means of space that their home can provide. Perhaps your place is a little on the more modestly sized side or you could be the kind of person that just falls in love with a new item every other day and soon finds they’ve overfilled the space they have. Whatever the case is, it’s time to reimagine your approach to space and get some breathing room back in the home.
Get storage smart

You don’t necessarily have to start getting rid of all your things. First, think about if you’re using the storage potential of the home to its maximum potential. The storage ideas from Makespace have some pretty inventive ways to adding more room to your rooms without compromising on the things you love. For instance, they teach you to think vertically, with shelves along the perimeters of the wall, well out of your eyeline and out of your way, and floating storage options. Then there are a few quality-of-life tips as well, such as getting your hands on cable ties to keep all the wires of your tech-heavy rooms from becoming a headache.
Look out the window

Then again, perhaps you really have made the most use of the indoors you can. It might be time to start scaling back, but it might also be time to look at any outdoor space that you might have. For one, if you want more livable space where you can relax and stretch your legs, then setting a decking area with some comfy seats can give you the perfect spring and summertime place to kick back. But Cuckoolands shed collection can also give you somewhere to keep more of that precious stuff. A shed can be particularly great for things like seasonal items or DIY tools that aren’t only taking up space unnecessarily but may be a bit dangerous to keep in the home.
Go minimalist

If you want to make a really big difference, then you have to make a big decision. In particular, it might be time to entirely rethink how you use your space. The minimalist décor style is exactly as it sounds, using little more than what is essential to the home. It’s not just about clearing out the house, however. It’s about making a discipline of it. For instance, follow the one-in-one-out rule. Every time you find a new piece of décor that you love, think about what you’re going to sacrifice for it so you don’t over-decorate. It also makes it that you really consider the function of any pieces of furniture you plan on getting. Is it practical enough to justify getting rid of an existing piece?
Having plenty of space in the home is important. Not only does clutter and disorganized décor lose any aesthetic appeal very quickly. Clutter is a serious component of a stressful household. If you feel like you have little room to swing your arm, never mind a cat, the tips above could be what you need to find the space you crave.

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