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20 Jun 2017

Out With The Old: Common Household Furniture And When To Replace It

Almost everything in a house has an expiration date. Milk turns sour, fire alarms run out of battery, and ornaments break into little pieces. Furniture, however, doesn’t play by the same rules. At least, it doesn’t on the face of things. The average homeowner doesn’t have a clue when to replace a sofa or a mattress, so they keep them forever. Sorry to say it, but this isn’t a good option because everything loses quality over time. So, the key is to replace your furniture when you see the warning signs, but what are they? Good question, and it’s one you can answer by taking a look at the following.


When a company like John Ryan by Design gives an opinion on a bed’s lifecycle, it is tempting to ignore. Not because they are novices; far from it. Indeed, they are experts with years of experience. No, it’s because they sell mattresses, so it would appear in their best interest to keep the number low. The truth is that JRBD and nearly every other bed specialist on the market will say from five to eight years. The fact is that a mattress lasts ages as long as it is in good condition. Of course, if the springs are sticking out, it needs replacing regardless of its age.


A couch is another piece which has quite a long lifespan. An average sofa will last up to fifteen years if it is well kept. However, the difference with a couch is the type of usage. Unlike a mattress, people jump, sit, lie and climb all over settees without a care in the world. As a result, the shine can wear off after only a couple of months. Unlike a bed, though, it is possible to reupholster a sofa to keep it going for even longer. But, after a decade, it’s time to make a change for the sake of the house’s style.


Carpets can last for decades like a sofa and a mattress. However, that is only taking into account their durability. In a home, there is more to consider, such as the current style and trends. Carpets go out of fashion very easily, which affects the way the room looks and feels. As such, it’s important to keep an open mind. For example, there is nothing wrong with tearing it up after a year and replacing it with hardwood flooring.


It’s easy to forget that a refrigerator is a piece of furniture. But, it is, and it’s one that is integral to everyday life. As a result, there is no need to throw it out until it starts to break down. To begin with, a refrigerator never loses its shine due to the material. More importantly, there is no need to blast money on an expensive item if it does an adequate job. You’re better off waiting until it leaks or starts to smell and then making a change.

Now all that’s left is to check your watch to see if its time!

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