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31 May 2017

The Real Way To Save A Fortune On Your Next Trip

Travelling can be expensive, and this is something that can put people off. Don’t you think there’s more to life than working to live? We all need to get out there more and really make the most of life. There’s no reason you need to be making a fortune to do this either. Here’s the real way to save a fortune on your next trip:

Go At The Right Time

Going at the right time is super important. Knowing when low season is will help you to get better deals and avoid the crowds. You may also avoid ‘too hot’ weather, although it should still be nice. Don’t go at the same time as everybody else!

Look For Bargains

Looking for bargains is pretty easy only, and you can expect to find holidays under £150 if you’re on a real budget. You can look on lots of the different budget sites, and remember, the more last minute you look, the more money you have the potential to save.


Travel Without A Checked Bag (Or At Least Save On Fees)

Traveling as light as possible will save you a significant amount. Is there any way you can travel without a checked bag, maybe just with your hand luggage? If not, then at least make an effort to save on fees once you get to the airport. Accurately weigh your bag before you leave home, so you know that it is the right weight. Make sure you know what is permitted to be in your checked bag too, otherwise you may have to make some expensive replacements.

Eat Street Food

Going for sit down meals is lovely, but doing this every day can seriously add up. Instead, *eat street food. It’s a little messier, but just as delicious and a lot cheaper. Just make sure it’s as fresh as possible by buying from a vendor in a busier area. If you live off street food as often as you can, you’ll save a fortune. If you do want a sit down meal, consider having an earlier dinner, as the menu should be significantly cheaper.

Forget Souvenirs

Souvenirs can be tempting, but what do you do with them when you arrive home? Probably put them somewhere to be forgotten about! By vowing not to go on the hunt for pointless souvenirs, you can have more money for something better.  

Mix And Match Flights

You don’t have to have both of your flights with the same company, you know. It can be a little more hassle, but mixing and matching your flights might just save you a significant amount on airfare.

Get Insurance

Insurance might seem like a pointless thing to you, but it’s going to protect you in the long-run. You don’t know what could happen on your trip, and insurance is going to give you peace of mind, and ensure you don’t end up with a huge medical bill.

Use these tips and you could save a fortune on your next trip away. Have an amazing time!

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