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5 Mar 2017

World Book Day - Chronic Illness And How I Overcame Obstacles

I posted this over on Instagram this week and I was rather overwhelmed by the response. I thought I'd share it here on the blogosphere too.

As it's World Book Day I want to tell you story... 

Once upon a time there was a girl called Victoria. Unfortunately Victoria was quite poorly for many years and struggled to walk, talk and do simple tasks. Victoria began her long road to recovery. And with the help of friends, family and the hospital she taught her brain how to do these simple things again. One of the things Victoria really struggled with was reading. Her dizzy head and sickness made the words move from the page and she couldn't focus, concentrate or take anything in. Victoria was a determined girl and refused to be beaten by this illness so she came up with a plan! She would walk to the local library a mere 8 minute walk from her home (it actually took her 50 minutes as she could barely stand and had to cling onto everything for dear life along the way). Once at the library she would sit on one of the tiny chairs by the tiny tables in the children's section and open up a book. Books like 'The Hungry Caterpillar' and the 'Miffy' books. Books that had large bold text, children's books that were simple to read. Victoria made this journey many times. Each time sitting on that tiny chair practicing reading, teaching her brain to stop the words from moving and take in their meaning. The librarian watched Victoria over these weeks, sitting in the children's section reading books but never once said a word. Until one day the librarian came over to her and said 'I've been watching you come in here and I just want to say you've made so much progress'. The librarian and Victoria talked for awhile and Victoria explained about her illness and that she had a Balance Disorder. The librarian went on to tell her that she was proud of her for all the progress she had made. That night when she got home Victoria cried. She really didn't feel that she had made any progress at all, as she felt so ill all of the time. But a complete stranger had seen the difference and went out of her way to tell her and that felt good.

Books were a massive part of my recovery. Books are important, they should be celebrated! Grab yourself a book this World Book Day, sit on a comfy chair, read and get lost in your imagination.


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