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1 May 2016

Maker Faire 2016 at the Life Science Centre - Newcastle Upon Tyne

On the 23rd  and 24th of April the Maker Faire UK 2016 was held at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle City Centre. I have wanted to visit for years but  I hadn't had the opportunity so I was super excited to receive *complementary tickets for the Saturday for myself, niece and nephews. The Maker Faire is a jam packed showcase full of creativity and invention. It's a celebration of the maker movement a place to explore and learn, something that I am very passionate about.

The event attracts makers from across the globe like the Copenhagen Suborbitals. A group of volunteers who build spacecraft's in their spare time (as you do) and all completely crowd funded! I got to speak to them on the day and it was genuinely fascinating stuff. They were a lovely friendly bunch and happy to answer any of your questions and explain in detail about their project. Most importantly I got to see a real life rocket!

Inside the venue you are surrounded by stalls and displays manned by enthusiastic individuals passionate about their crafts and projects.  There is so much going on you don't know where to start! Luckily on arrival you a given a map which allowed us to plan our route and make the best of what the event had to offer.

If I'm completely honest I was a little worried about disagreements, arguments and general teenageness taking a 5, 12 and 15 year old out together  However there was literally something for everyone. I mean 3D printing, coding, crafts, engineering, electronics, gaming and so much more all under one roof what more do you need!

For those of you that don't know I am a MASSIVE Sci-Fi fan so I was thrilled to find plenty of geekery on display. Star Wars and Doctor Who are amongst my favourites. And after spotting a Darlek wearing a bow-tie I couldn't resist posing for a cheeky photo before heading out for some lunch. There are places to get a nibble on location Life Cafe and Times Square Cafe but we opted for packed lunches due to fussy eaters and it also being the cheaper option! We then all sat outside in the sunshine enjoying the outside entertainment amongst other families who also had the same idea.  

After lunch we headed back in to check out the rest of the event. The awesome people of Paper Jam Comics Collective were there with all their comic book wisdom and inspiration. My youngest nephew made himself a mini comic featuring his favourite character of the moment Micky Mouse. Which kept him entertained while the rest of us had a little rest and it also made a cute little keepsake for him to takeaway.

Entertaining the crowds with their fun playful tunes and sweet style was the trio above. I just had to ask them for a photo and in return they wanted a photo with me. They handed me their spare sunnies and we had a little dance. I'm thinking of joining the band in the future, I mean I'm lovin their style! (I totally forgot to ask the bands name on the day, sorry guys.)

Overall it was a truly fantastic fun packed family day out, one that I will treasure for years to come. There were no arguments just fun, laughter and a willingness to learn. The kids have already asked if they can return next year!


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