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10 May 2016

Lola Jeans Newcastle - Menu Preview Tasting Event

At the end of April I was invited over to Lola Jeans - Newcastle to try out a preview of their new menu. Having never been before I was excited to check them out. I have to say I was in awe of the interiors. It has been stylishly decorated with quirky features, mismatched chairs and stunning art murals, the place almost has a botanical feel about it. The skull pictured below has to be my favourite piece. I bought along a plus one to the event. I was accompanied by my lovely friend Georgi who had previously eaten at Lola Jeans and was looking forward to tasting their new evolved menu. 

The event itself was being hosted downstairs in their Speak Easy in the basement. On arrival we were given a *Lady Eleanor cocktail to tease our taste buds. This was a delicious summery fresh drink, with apples, raspberries and prosecco. A perfect way to start the evening.

Our 'just a little taste menu' was handed out allowing us to see what we were going to be tasting. I had emailed Lola Jeans before the event to let them know I was veggie. They confirmed that it would be a meat heavy menu but it would not be a problem. I was still however very disappointed not to see one single vegetarian option available on the tasting menu that evening!

I let the staff know I was vegetarian  on arrival as requested and I was very excited so see what the chef would be making up for me. In the meantime I got to catch up with press and blogger friends old and new and enjoy the cocktails. 

The carnivores around me soon started to get to their chops around the sample dishes. Lolas Surf & Turf, Chicken Cleanser, Baja Fish Tacos and James P Sullivan Burgers. However I didn't get anything to eat for 2 hours and had to watch the rest of them eat all the above.

The cocktails were a pleasant distraction while I waited for my food. *Endless Summer - a gin based cocktail with lime, mint, apple and rhubarb. As a massive gin lover this was right up my street. And *China Rose Petal made with white rum served in a vintage tea cup shown opposite. This was a little too sweet for me I think it may have been the pineapple and rose syrup. Everyone else loved it though it just wasn't to my taste. 

There was another veggie at the event but  I think they gave up and had ended up leaving. As a result  I got two massive portions when the starter finally came out. Which was fantastic as by this point I was famished and quite merry from the cocktails and lack of food! I have to say that *Cauliflower Buffalo Bites are my new favourite thing! Totally delicious and moreish and something I will be making my own version of at home.

Next up was the *New Green House Burger filled with goats cheese, portobello mushroom, chargrilled beetroot, shoestring onions and balsamic reduction. This was truly flavoursome with fantastic textures and I would most defiantly have this again. The night was  then finished off with Hot Fudge Cake Spring Rolls - gooey chocolate fudge cake served with raspberry dipping sauce.

I have attended a few menu preview events in the past and have been well catered for as a vegetarian. I did contact Lola Jeans 4 days in advance to check they were able to cater for my dietary requirements so they were aware I was attending. However I ended feeling completely left out and more of a hinderance than a guest. I appreciate that this wasn't the usual restaurant experience and the chef had to cater for a room full of bloggers and press.

Saying that I would like to return at some point to try out the vegetarian options in a more normal situation. The venue itself is somewhere I would choose to go with my friends. It has the kind of vibe I like, great tunes and the cocktails are fabulous. I just wish they had more veggie options available on their food menu. 


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  1. Ah that's rubbish :-( Hopefully Lola Jeans and other restaurants will take your comments on board for future events. I am pleased you enjoyed what you ended up with though x


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