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26 May 2016

7 Reasons Why I Love Tea - With Ringtons

I love tea, I mean like really LOVE tea! It has always been a stable in the James' household while I was growing up and still is today. As a result I am a massive tea pot! Then Ringtons contacted me and asked if they could send me a box of goodies, I was beyond thrilled! I was lucky enough to be gifted with an assortment of delicious *teas, coffee, biscuits and toffees. This prompted me to write my 7 reasons why I love tea...

1. That first cup of tea in the morning - there's nothing quite like it right? With one sip you are transported to a tea-tactic heaven and are ready to start the day.

2. It comes in a variety of flavours - from earl grey, breakfast tea to mint and blackcurrant,  there's a flavour to suite every occasion!

3. You can dunk your biscuits in it - it's not for everyone but there are those of us that enjoy dunking our biscuits into our hot beverages. Allowing us to melt the biscuits and the chocolate, realising more flavour mmm! 

4. It's a pick me up - tea breaks are essential especially during the working week. It gives you something to work towards and leaves you with that 'ready to go' feeling.

5. You can enjoy a good cuppa with family and friends - How often have you uttered the words 'I'll put the kettle on'. In that moment you know you are going to sit down and put the world to rights. 

6. A cup of tea solves everything - whatever the problem, whatever your worries a cup of tea eases the stresses even if just for a moment. 

7. That warm cosy feeling - When it's raining outside and you are sat indoors with a cup of tea, wrapped up in a blanket. It gives you that feeling of home, that feeling of comfort, a cup of tea is a familiar friend, a hug in a cup.

Why do you love tea?

Or are you a coffee drinker?



  1. Wow great gifts! Ringtones do wonderful tea and extras. I remember them from my childhood! Gemma x

    1. I really enjoyed all the teas and course the biscuits!

      V x

  2. I am a tea AND coffee drinker, so you can imagine I have quite the caffeine overload. My favorite thing is drinking tea out of a pretty cup, I love yours! XO -Kim

    1. Thank you Kim! I've got a bit of a thing for vintage cups and teapots I've git quite a collection now.

      V x

  3. I love tea too, i have about 5 a day maybe more depending on my mood =]



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