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24 Aug 2014

Thrift Life And Dizziness

Well hello there long time no speak! 

It's been all go here at DMJ Headquarters, planning, list making, sorting out storage and working on new products. It's been quite hard the last few months I am still trying to figure out the best way to manage my dizziness and use my energy wisely before fatigue kicks in. You think you have it all figured out what triggers the dizziness, you try not to do too much and listen to your body. Then WHAM it comes out of nowhere and gives you a kick up the bum! However I am now prepared for these sofa days. I set aside the little jobs, hand embroidery, labelling and relax on the sofa with a cuppa and cheesy movie. This way I still get to be productive which takes my mind off the dizziness and  it allows me to rest.

Admittedly I have been pushing myself possibly a little too hard. I really want to move forward with Dizzy Miss James  so I am doing what I can to make it happen. I've got myself a Business Mentor which has been fantastic! A fresh set of eyes to look over what I've been doing is exactly what I needed. 

I love working from home it allows me to work around my condition and spend my days doing what I love. The problem with having a home studio is you never really switch off so it's good to have some time away from work. I've had a few home projects on the go, I've been slowly adding some personality and colour to each room. Below is my Great Uncle Jim's vintage cabinet, it houses my collection of Studio Meakin and Chelsea pottery alongside some other lovelies. I wallpapered the back of the cabinet with a woodland tree wallpaper, I got this for one of my displays for DMJ but couldn't resist using it here. It completely changed the feel of the piece and has provided a great focal point for the room. 

This Studio Meakin apple set belonged to my Mam who kindly handed it down to me as she knows of my love for vintage pottery. I absolutely love the design and it has so many fond memories attached. 

Eventually I would love to find the set to match the blue Studio Meakin coffee pot, I'll keep a look out when I'm off on my thrifty adventures!



  1. The cabinet looks wonderful :) It sounds like you've managed to plan your time and activities to make the best of your less dizzy moments- I hope your mentor helps you to grow your business like you want to :) xxx

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  3. Hi

    How are you? I think you are doing awesomely at your business. Such lovely cabinet display <3

    I've been nominated again for the Liebster Award and thought you might like to do one to know more about the face behind you lovely blog. <3


    MLFx | May la Faye

    1. Thank you lovely!

      I'll try my best with the Liebster award but I'm snowed under with cushions at the mo.

      V xx

  4. cabinet looks so beautiful:)!
    please visit me in free time:)


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