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18 May 2013

Rain Rain Go Away..

I woke up in the early hours of the morning with rain lashing down on my window. It's been poring down all day so I  thought I share some of my rainy day inspired finds.
I'm a massive fan of this lady & love this cute Little Miss Delicious  felt cloud accessory.

 This  meme & saysay  multi coloured raincloud will brighten up a gloomy day.

A beautiful rainbow cloud coin purse by Brooklyn Love Designs .  
And a simple shrink plastic cloud brooch by Kayleigh O'Mara.
If I'm honest I quite like rainy days when I'm indoors, wrapped up all warm with my hot cups of tea and comfort food. I find the sound of the rain up against the window quite therapeutic and often like to spend this time organising and tidying my work space. I am looking forward to more sunny days, ice-cream, the seaside and beer gardens but today I'm quite happy snuggling in my favourite jumper.



  1. I love all these finds. Cloud shapes seem really soothing to me (I guess it's because they have no sharp corners?) and I particularly love the rainbow coloured raindrops. xxx

    1. Yeah I think you might be right. I love them all xx

  2. These are recordings of strong rain storms and also have some wind in them. There may be some distant thunder as well. I find these to be very effective.waterfall sounds


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