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20 Feb 2019

Ta-ra, UK! Where Should You Live?

Is the grass really greener elsewhere? For the millions of Brits who have chosen to leave the UK to build a life in a foreign country, it makes no doubt that the grass is indeed greener and the sun warmer abroad. The reasons to embrace the lifestyle of an expat are varied and complex. However, more and more Brits mention the political and economic situation of the country as a reason for leaving. Some of them found themselves on a gap year and unexpectedly fell in love with a foreign culture. Others choose to take a chance and seize a new professional opportunity on the other side of the planet. Some, finally, need a change of horizon after a traumatic event, and what better way of doing it than moving abroad? 

Whatever the reason behind your decision to wave goodbye to the UK and move home, there are many, many, many places you could explore. If you’re unsure where to go next, here are some of the favourite locations for British expats. 

woman moving abroad

I Want Sunshine, Beaches, and Chill

Australia is the top destinations for expats. While the language is often mentioned as a reason, it would be unfair to reduce Australia to its language. Most people consider relocating to the sunny island, falling in love with the warm winter temperatures rarely get below 7 degrees in the southern part of Australia. The natural relaxed and accepting attitude is also a positive improvement for anyone who wants a fresh start in life. However, Australia is far away. Organising travel to see your family and friends throughout the year can be challenging. Additionally, you'll need professional removalists to help you reach the Australia coast safely with your belongings. Also, the Australian system works on a point list based on your documents. Consequently, important documents such as ID, birth certificate, etc. should be packed separately in your carry-on bag!

No, I Love EU too Much

The Brexit referendum has driven a Brexodus movement from the UK to Ireland. Indeed, the Good Friday Agreement ensures that any British citizen and Irish citizen are free to move, work and live in Ireland and in the UK. Consequently, the move towards Ireland is not motivated by a desired to leave the UK. But instead, it is a way for Britons to remain in the EU. Aside from moving abroad, the applications for Irish passports have increased dramatically too. Ireland is advantageous as it combines both a high quality of life and an affordable lifestyle. Dublin is a favourite destination for young and dynamic Millennials. 

Where should you live? San Franciso
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Ready to Seize the American Dream?

Last, but not least, the United States has not lost its popularity. For Britons moving abroad, the decision is based on career opportunities. In a country where everything is bigger, many hope to make their money there too. San Francisco is an attractive spot for professionals who seek financial security and high income. You tend to move to San Francisco to take up a position in Silicon Valley. 

Moving abroad is never an easy decision. However, it’s an exciting adventure that can transform your life for the better. If you’re worried about facing the obstacles of your expat life alone, try to aim for popular destinations such as Australia, Ireland and the USA where you can meet other expats for support. 

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