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4 Jan 2019

4 Rules To Prepare Your Wardrobe For The Summer

Right now it seems like summer is ages away and your outfits are still made up of heavy coats and plenty of layers, but the warm weather will come back sooner than you think so it’s never too early to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. Summer fashion can be tricky because you’re more likely to be out and about doing all sorts of different activities and you’ve got to account for the heat. It can be hard to balance style with comfort when the weather is hot and a lot of people get it wrong. But it needn’t be that hard because, with these simple tricks, summer fashion is a breeze. 


 Recycle Old Clothes 

When the summer comes, most people shove all of their winter clothes in the back of the wardrobe and go out to buy a whole load of new stuff. But that’s going to cost you a lot of money and often, it’s not that necessary. You’re going to have to buy some things for the summer but a lot of those winter clothes can be recycled for the warm weather. For example, long skirts that are too heavy and hot for the summer months can be cut down and turned into something a lot lighter. Any of your trousers can be cut into shorts and you can cut and hem old t-shirts to make cheap crop tops. Recycling your old clothes makes fashion far more affordable because you’re not replacing your entire wardrobe every time a season changes and you’ll get more use out of things that you would otherwise have thrown away. 

Be Careful With Fabrics 

This is one of the most important rules because the wrong fabric choice could leave you boiling hot and uncomfortable all day long. You need to avoid anything heavy like wool and go for something more light and airy like linen (check out these great linen summer dresses from Petal and Pup Women's Fashion for a few ideas). Cheap clothes are something you need to watch out for as well because they’re usually made from a polyester blend that isn’t breathable at all. You’re far better off paying a bit more for proper cotton. 

Buy Bigger Shoes 

When the weather is hot, most people’s feet tend to swell up a little bit, so you need to be careful with shoe sizes. If you get the same size that you would normally wear in the winter, you might end up with tight, uncomfortable shoes on. It’s best to be safe and get half a size or even a full size bigger than you normally would when you’re buying shoes for the summer. 

Go Easy On Makeup 

The heat plays havoc with your makeup so you need to make sure that you don’t apply too much. If you do, you’ll spend all day touching it up when the heat melts it and it’ll make you hot and uncomfortable. A light, natural makeup is enough for the summer months. 

Follow these 4 simple rules and you should be able to get summer fashion right every time. 

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