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21 Aug 2018

Any Freelancer Can Benefit From These Following Priorities


Freelancing is a world of change. To provide your skills competently and profitably you need to continually build a steady stream of clients and apply your skills in ways that are continually impressive. To ensure that you manage this, it can always be worthwhile and beneficial to make the following personal adjustments in your home. You can then focus on your priorities as a freelancer and move forward in setting up your business:

A Professional Email

Investing in a professional email can help you provide some personality and professionalism to your platform. Domain names can be purchased pretty cheaply and many web hosting platforms offer you your own email address. This is such a minor step but it is most definitely a step in the right direction that you may completely benefit from. A professional email separated from your current inbox can also help you separate work matters and personal matters. It is a shame when you see email addresses being used for professional purposes, but they’re either out of date or quite obviously one that has been used since the teenage years.

For example, lucythegoose@hotmail.com might be a cute personal email when you first started out, but in this specific example Hotmail is an extension that has been long abandoned by Microsoft, and the subject matter could use some work. Instead, registering your business with something like the G suite could cost you just a little each month, and allow you to ensure your first point of contact is professional and well managed.


Constant Reach

Enjoying constant reach with clients could possibly help you ensure you gain further business with them in the future. This means having a professional email hooked up to all of your devices to allow for an immediate reply in a reasonable time, even internationally. Constant reach like this could help you secure a job where you may not have, and not limit you to computer hours. While you are still absolutely free to choose your working capacity and what qualifies as work, staying open for communication like this (perhaps for inquiries only,) could help you jump on work when it’s being offered. Again this is about getting your priorities as a freelancer in order and taking on work that fits around you, your schedule and your brand. 

Industry Standard Software & Equipment

Being a freelancer in no way means you should lessen your professional output. This is a responsibility but will also see you right in the future when making the correct investments. Because there is no one auditing your work from your end (only the results,) it can feel tempting to opt for cheaper alternatives as far as your working production is concerned. For example, a cheaper or free image editing software package might function, but it could be considered much less inferior to the more higher quality packages out there which will meet industry standard. Using an industry standard printer, something often is forgotten, with such cartridges as HP 302 ink cartridges can be quite beneficial. Thankfully, services such as Adobe have also started offering their creative suites for much less of an investment, instead offering monthly subscription options so even the home freelancer can afford them. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and always ensure that as a freelancer you aren't producing less quality work than a professional studio with more of a budget. 

By implementing these simple priorities in your life, you can get yourself organised, ahead of the game and, concentrate more on you and your freelance business. 

Do you have any tips to help you in your everyday freelance life? Let me know in the comments below. 

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