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29 Jul 2018

Viking Picture Perfect Photography Masterclass at The Botanist Newcastle

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Viking Picture Perfect Photography Masterclass Teapo
Product shot

The Importance of Photography in Blogging

Photography is an important part of blogging. Photographs help tell a story and allow the reader to understand what the post is about. Blog photography is an extension of your brand, the theme colours and editing style you use should be in keeping with you and what you are about. Good quality photos are associated with quality writing. If your photos are out of focus and dark it will reflect you and your brand. A great photograph can also have a massive impact on social media platforms. A fantastic photograph will get you noticed and may gain more followers and get more engagement. 

After all, we live in a visual world. As they say "a picture says a thousand words". 

The Botanist Newcastle

That's why I was super excited when Viking asked me along to a photography masterclass where I got the chance to up your blog and Instagram photo game. The event was held at The Botanist in Newcastle, a quirky bar in the heart of the city offering an array of delicious cocktails and food served under a beautiful domed roof. The Botanist provided a tasty food buffet and drinks on the evening, a selection of cocktails and scrumptious finger food galore. It really was delicious! 

Viking Picture Perfect Photography Masterclass Food
flay lay food photography 

Elouisa Georgiou Photography

Viking invited the lovely Elouisa Georgiou Photography and professional international photographer based in Leeds, Yorkshire. Elousia has worked as a freelance photographer for many years photographing many different subjects from music events, food and drink to interiors and weddings. 

Viking Picture Perfect Photography Masterclass - photo through glass
Getting creative using a prism

The Photography Masterclass

The Photography masterclass covered 4 areas and these are the key tips:

    Creative Portraits
    • Using a prism or glass can create different textures, lighting techniques, and even creative blurs
    • Experiment taking photographs at different distances

      Lighting Tips 

      • Natural light it the best
      • Use bounce boards, white sheets and light from the window for the best results
      • Head outside!
      • If there isn't much natural light use a tripod to shoot slower 

          Food & Prodcut Photography 
          • Style your photograph with objects and things like flowers
          • Tell a story with your photograph
          • Use bounce boards to create and direct light where you want it

          Flat lay Images
          • Don't be afraid to shoot out of the frame
          • If you have a tripod use it 
          • The negative space between the products is just as important as the products themselves
          • There a 3 main angles, straight on, 45 degrees, and flat lay

          Everyone was then given the opportunity to take some photogrpahs using the various techinques and asked to take a photogrpah for each of the 4 different areas mentioned about. Elouisa was on hand to help us out and give us some advice. Once everyone had completed their shoots we were asked to choose one photo to print out on a Canon printer provided by Viking and a favorite of each group was chosen. An overall winner was chosen on the night and they got to take the printer home as a prize!

          Viking Picture Perfect Photography Masterclass - peppers
          food photography

          Viking Office Supplies

          Thank you Viking and Elouisa for giving me the confidence to take off the auto setting of my camera and giving me some new photography skills and techniques. And thanks to The Botanist for allowing us to take photos in such an awesome setting and of couse supplying us with food and drinks!

          Elouisa gave us some great advice and I can't wait to put it into practice and get more creative with my photography. 

          Do you have any photography tips? Let me know in the comments below.

          *I was gifted the photography masterclass, cocktails, food buffet and a camera stand from Viking.


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