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16 Jun 2018

Cobblestones & Historical Zones: Seeing The Old In England

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The first settlements in the UK came a very long time ago. In fact, long before the Romans, people have been calling this part of the world home. Having played host to so many different cultures, this has left the whole country with a rich and complex tapestry of historical interest, making it perfect for anyone who wants to soak up a slice of the past. To help you to find some of the best places to achieve this goal, this post will be exploring some of the UK’s most popular old towns.

Taking on the same sandstone buildings as much of the South West, the whole of Exeter can be great for those looking for a themed trip. From the smallest sheds to the largest manners, all of the architecture follows a similar path, and this makes the whole place feel very quaint. Finding a B&B Exeter to enjoy should be nice and easy, with loads of companies offering this sort of experience. As for things to do, a lot of this area is covered with lush countryside, and this opens the doors for loads of outdoor activities. Whether you’d like to ride a horse or want to have a picnic, you’ll be able to find something which you’ll love without having to look very far.

For those looking for somewhere with a little more hustle and bustle, it’s time to move north, and to the city of Newcastle. Having been home to some of the UK’s most prominent historical engineers and designers, this city is one of the best in the world for those looking for a lesson in the way buildings have changed over time. Some of the work is very modern, while others examples are bordering on ancient, and this has created a strong feeling of variety. You can choose to stay in any kind of accommodation in Newcastle without losing the chance to see the whole city. Of course, though, those which were built a long time ago are the best.

Finally, as the last place to visit on your historical voyage, it would be impossible to ignore a city like Cardiff. As today’s main city in Wales, it’s hard to believe that this booming town started off as a simple fort. Since they days of the Romans, though, the world has changed a lot, and this makes places like this very important. Giving you the chance to see buildings which would never be built today, sites of historical battles, and loads more, Cardiff can provide a great representation of British history, along with some local knowledge which will be equally interesting.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into exploring the history of the UK. When a country has been around for so long, it starts to soak up a lot of world events, making it a lot more interesting to those coming to see it. Of course, though, you have to choose the right destinations, or you may find it hard to discover what you’re looking for.


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