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24 Jun 2018

Boring Backyard? Simple Ways to Add Interest and Style

boring backyard

Our gardens are an extension of our homes and if you’re lucky enough to have outside space then why not utilise it? If your garden is a little neglected or just plain boring then you might not be inspired to sit outside even when the sun is shining, so it’s time to do something about it. A nice garden means you can soak up some sun, enjoy time with the family without being cooped up indoors and even entertain guests. Here are some of the ways you can add interest and style to a boring backyard. 

Add a decked area

Decking looks great in both large and small gardens, and works well as the main patio area or just as a raised seating area elsewhere in the garden. Deck builders can fit you decking in lots of different types of wood, stain it different colours, you can even get composite decking which is blended with plastic so has an incredibly long life. How about a decked a stage in one corner of the garden with some lights fitted into the base, a garden swing, and some flowerpots? Extras like steps, railings or balustrades finish off the look and as a bonus decking will add value to your home. If you have an area of a garden that you’re not sure what to do with then something like this could be ideal. Otherwise, if your patio is in need of replacement decking is a fantastic choice. 

Consider a pond or water feature

A pond is a great way to invite nature into your garden, with birds, insects, and amphibians like frogs using it to drink, breed and hide from predators. You can have some really pretty ponds built which look stunning in the garden, add some pond plants to the water and some colourful flora to the perimeter to add some colour and interest. You can buy pond liner inserts which make it easy to create the shape and style of your pond, there’s lots of advice and inspiration online and it could make a fun weekend project. Or you could call in a landscape garden and have them bring your vision to life if you’re not particularly handy when it comes to DIY. You could add a water feature to your pond, or even just go with a stand alone water feature. These can be bought in all sizes so would work for any size of the garden. Water features are relaxing to listen to, and as a bonus, help to drown out outside noise such as traffic- useful if you live in a busier area. 

boring backyard - flower boarder

Change the shape of your borders

Adding some borders to the perimeter of your garden allows you to fill them with beautiful shrubs and flowers- far more interesting than a plain lawn. But you could go a step further and change the shape instead of sticking with standard straight beds. Curved and rounded flower beds can look really effective, sites like Pinterest have tons of ideas. Plan it out carefully, and use an edging tool to get everything neat and tidy. Then check out planting schemes so your borders are always full of colour. If you sow seeds and plant bulbs that flower at different times of the year, your garden will always be a spectacular show of colour. Simply deadhead the blooms once they’re finished flowering which if done right, should be as the next lot are opening up. Add some evergreen shrubs and winter flowering plants in there too, so it doesn’t look dull and bare over the colder months. 

Invest in a summerhouse

A summerhouse makes a nice little hideaway, perfect for enjoying a glass of wine, reading a book, eating or even getting some work done on a warm day. If you’re having a party on a scorching day, a summerhouse provides some shelter from the sun which is especially useful if your guests have children. Throughout the rest of the year, the summerhouse can be used for storage. If you’ve bought some nice garden furniture, for example, you could store this away in the late autumn and through the winter which would keep it in good condition until the spring. Summerhouses look great painted pastel colours and make a really cute addition to any garden. Something that both children and adults can enjoy.

boring backyard

Purchase a gazebo or pergola

If you want to add another area to your garden, one way you can go about this is by having a gazebo or pergola installed. It’s a nice way to add some extra seating to the garden- great for everyday use as well as entertaining- and can also give you some privacy too. If your garden is a little overlooked, a pergola over your dining area could prevent people from being able to see directly through to you. Add some climbing plants like ivy or rambling roses to it, hanging baskets and tall potted plants. You can add bamboo screens for further privacy. Not only will it add interest to your garden, but you’ll have an extra room to use and more privacy. 

Grow some edible plants

There are lots of easy to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs so you don’t need to be majorly green fingered to be able to do well with your crops. You could grow things in pots, or you could section out an area and create a little veggie patch. You could plant fruit trees at the bottom of the garden, these take a number of years to start producing fruit but in time you could be reaping the reward of fresh apples, pears, and plums at the end of each summer. Even a simple herb garden looks nice and can save you lots of money. Plants like mint, for example, are so easy to grow but can be expensive to buy fresh from the supermarket. If you wanted to go a step further, you could purchase a greenhouse to extend the growing season and get more out of your crops. 

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