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10 May 2018

Why Going Green At Home Could Save You Money

Your home is your biggest expense, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t save money while living in it. There are plenty of good ways to be frugal at home that will not only save you money but are good for the environment too.

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Whether you’re looking to enjoy extra savings to put towards home decor projects or you want to book your next holiday, some money-saving wisdom can be really valuable. Take a look at some great ways that going green can save you money at home.

Reduce food waste

Food waste is a growing global problem. If you’re guilty of throwing out leftovers or you have too many expired foods lining your rubbish bags, then you need to find ways to actively reduce your food waste.

Better meal planning can help you work out exactly what to buy each week so that you don’t waste any excess food. By knowing what you need for different dishes, you won’t be tempted to waste money on junk food or snacks, and you’ll become better with your portion control. Meal planning will not only save you money, but it can help to tackle the food waste problem while also making you make healthier food choices.

Cut your energy bills

High energy bills can take their toll on your finances, but excessive energy use can also harm the environment. Take a closer look at electricity pricing and you’ll be surprised by what you see. Start by changing providers to make sure you’re getting the best deal, then aim to reduce your monthly spend by turning off appliances, reducing your heating use and changing your technology habits to help bring your bills down and become a greener household.

Remember that you can also switch phone and TV providers to save money, while also getting rid of services you no longer want or need.

Recycle your clothes

If you’ve got too many clothes at home, or you’re guilty of overshopping - then you need to start changing your habits. Clothes that come from mass-production shops and trend-led clothing can be bad for the environment, and plenty of unwanted clothes end up in landfills each year. Recycle your clothes through stores like H&M as a way to get vouchers in exchange for donations, or simply give your unwanted but wearable items to charity.

Building a capsule wardrobe is an excellent way to reduce the number of clothes you buy - focusing on classic, timeless pieces that will ensure that you always look sleek and stylish. It is possible to dress like a celebrity on a budget, but you need to become more sensible with your spending. Sleep on big purchases before you commit to buying to help you make wiser shopping decisions.

Once you get into the habit of money saving, you’ll soon discover other ways of reducing your spending. Making greener decisions will help you become less wasteful and able to make wiser decisions about your spending to benefit both you and the environment. Start thinking of ways you can go green to help you save money at home.


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