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8 May 2018

Six Things You Absolutely Do Not Want In Your Home (And How To Deal With Them)

Your home should be a calm cove in the stressful sea of life. However, if you find things in your house that you don't want to be there, it can be anything but! Luckily, once you have identified the unwanted item, smell, or visitor, there is usually a solution to fix it and to prevent it recurring. Read on for more information on this.

Unpleasant Smells

A smelly home is not a happy one, and if you have unpleasant and unwanted whiffs in your house, it's best to deal with them as soon as possible. Of course, to sort them out correctly and get rid of them, so they don't come back it is necessary to work out where they are coming from. This isn't always the most pleasant of jobs either, but it is worth it as you have a much better chance to eliminate the problem entirely if you find the source.

Places in the home that may be the source of that nasty smell may include the kitchen floor, especially the space underneath appliances like the fridge and freezer. This is because it is very easy for food to fall down there when you are using these items and then get trapped. Then, if you don't move these appliances regularly and clean underneath, the food can start to rot and create a very nasty smell.

Also, drains and places where water is used can be a source of smells in the home. This is especially the case if a drain becomes blocked because then the water and the waste that it is washing away is unable have nowhere to go. Luckily, in most cases keeping such drains free of debris and cleaning them regularly with a pipe cleaning solution is enough to keep them dirt and odour free.

Lastly, the unpleasant smell may be coming from your soft furnishings, especially if you have little ones that wipe their sticky fingers along them, or pets that like to snooze on them.

To deal with this in the shorter term, it can be most useful to spray a room freshener. Although it's always best to select one that doesn't just mask the smells but also traps them as well.

For a longer-term solution, it may be necessary to wipe the fabric down, or even take the cover off the couches and wash them. Of course, it's always best to do this with caution because it is incredibly easy to shrink couch covers and then have a devil of a job trying to get them back on the sofa and to look half decent. For some specific advice on this check out the video below.


Another thing that you do not want in your house is pests. Sadly,  pests come in all shape and sizes and protecting your home from them, as well as getting rid of them once they have settled in can be tough. In fact, the solution to a pest infestation is usually particular to exactly what type of bug or rodent that is living in your home rent-free.

Termites for example, which can be incredibly destructive to a home can be deterred naturally by planting things like catnip and vetiver grass around the perimeter of your house. You can also help to minimise and prevent termite infestations naturally by buying furniture and wood products that are made of pine, as this is wood that is termite resistant.

Mice, on the other hand, don’t care what wood your furniture is made from. In fact, they are much more excited about all the tasty morsels that they can pilfer from your kitchen or your bin. This is the reason why it is essential to keep your kitchen as clean as possible, and your bins as far away from your home, as you partially can to prevent attracting them in the first place.

Of course, once they have taken up residence, you will need to take more extreme action. One way of doing this is to buy some humane traps which catch the mice, all ready for you to release them into the wild away from your home. Although, don't use cheese as bait here, as most of the little squeakers tend to prefer chocolate, making it much more effective!


Unless you're going to be selected for the next season of Extreme Hoarders, see the video below for a clip, you don't want lots of clutter in your home. For one it uses up valuable space, and look unsightly. It also can be dangerous as well, if allowed to build up to an extreme level, and it can make a great breeding ground for some of the pests that were mentioned in the section above.

With that in mind, regular clear outs of the items in your home are essential to stop clutter building up. It is also essential to have an overarching organisation system for documents, clothes, and other things in your home, as this can stop things getting out of hand.

Also, one way to prevent clutter in the first place is to embrace a more minimalist style of living like the person in the video below does. Minimalism is all about having only the items that you need, and it can naturally help you rid your home of clutter. There are various methods to achieve a more minimalist look that you can use, such as the Konmari method which emphasises using certain principles to decide whether to keep an item or not. 

Polluted Air

You may not be able to see it, but another thing you certainly don't want in your home is polluted air. Sadly, there are a lot of things that can affect the quality of the air in our houses including dust, animal dander, dust mites, and other allergens.

To cleanse the air in your home of such things it is essential to open the doors and windows regularly and allow the air to circulate about your home.

Regular dusting and vacuuming are also essential, and by using a machine with a HEPA filter, you can help trap the dust particles and allergens and stop them from moving around your home. In a similar vein using an air purifier with a HEPA filter can also significantly raise the quality of air in your home, something you can find out more about here.

Mould and Damp

Only Fungus The Bogeyman would want a home that was full of damp and mould! In fact, for the rest of us, such things are a colossal no-no! The reason for this is because damp can not only encourage mould but can also damage items in your home.

Mould can be an issue that you do not want. Damp can wreck soft furnishing. It can also cause more serious structural problems where wall or floorboards that have got wet and won't dry out start to rot and become unsafe.

Damp can be caused by many different reasons. These include not airing out your bathroom once it has been used, as well as the more pressing issue of rising damp, where your home foundations suck up water and transport it into the walls.

In particular, rising damp is something that can be tough to rectify in a home, and usually, needs the attention of a professional who can install a damp course and waterproof the foundation, so they are not as absorbent.

Damp is, of course, a condition that encourages the growth of mould as well, as while many moulds such as Penicillium, which as a rule are not harmful to humans, there are other like Stachybotrys that is. In fact, Stachybotrys can irritate mucous membranes in the nose, mouth, and eyes, creating a particular problem for those that already have an issue with their breathing, such as asthmatics.

Luckily, to kill Stachybotrys is pretty easy as all you need to do is scrub it will hot water and soap. Although it is recommended that you use gloves and a mask while doing this, so you don't inhale any of the loose spores. Remember too, to scrape the mould off before you start to scrub for the same reason. Otherwise, you will just be spreading this around your home and creating a higher risk to your family.

Toxic Chemicals

Lastly, most people aren't too keen on having a house full of toxic chemicals and would think twice about storing or using them within their home. However, what many folks forget is that many of the everyday household cleaning product that we use contain precisely these.

In fact, in a typical kitchen or bathroom cupboard, you can find all sort of toxic chemicals such as Ammonia, Chlorine and Perchloroethylene. Which is why the directions on the bottle always state to use them in a well-ventilated area.

Of course, there is no law that says you have to use such products in your home, and you can, in fact, replace them with more natural solutions instead. You can even create these yourself from things like lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda as they do in the video below. Then you can efficiently detoxify your home and make it a safer and more pleasant place to live.


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