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15 May 2018

Claiming Back Independence When Moving Home

Moving home is a major process in anyone’s life and can be pretty disruptive to your usual routine. So it’s not all too surprising that there are all sorts of professionals out there who make it their career to help you along the way. But seeing as moving home is such a personal step to make, many of us want to gain back a sense of independence when it comes to moving from one property to another. So, if you want some personal space throughout this stage in your life, here are a few ways to claim back your independence when moving home!

Property Searching

While it’s an estate agents role to help you find the property of your dreams, many of us feel pressured when making use of their services. We feel that we are being pushed towards particular properties that we’re not actually all too interested in, or we can feel that we are being a nuisance each time we ask to see something different. The good news is that most agencies now have online property search sites. This allows you to take matters into your own hands, easily changing your search preferences and browsing at your own leisure.

Moving from A to B

Moving from your previous property to your new property can be a relatively stressful process, so it’s not all too surprising that people tend to make use of professional removal services. This lifts a huge weight from their shoulders, as all they have to do is pack their belongings into boxes and then other individuals will come in, take them away, load everything onto a van and unload everything at the other end. But this can be costly and, generally speaking, you have to sign some sort of waiver to acknowledge that the removalists aren’t responsible for any damage that may come to your belongings in the process. Instead, why not save and be sure that everything is carried out correctly by doing it yourself? Try out Squab van hire - this will give you a large enough vehicle to get everything from A to B safely.


Nowadays, increasing numbers of people are calling in the help of interior designers when it comes to decorating their new properties. Now, interior designers can be extremely useful. They have years of experience in the field and will know what kind of color schemes, features, flooring, lighting, and furniture may be able to compliment particular rooms in your property. But at the end of the day, nobody knows your personal taste better than yourself and what could possibly be more personal than your home? You don’t want to be railroaded into choosing a type of design just because it’s deemed fashionable or stylish at the moment. You want your decoration to reflect your interests and tastes as an individual. So reclaim the decorating process and choose your interior design yourself! Make boards on Pinterest and take clippings from decorating magazines for inspiration, but add your own personal touch to everything.

While it’s comforting to have these different professionals around when moving home, remember that you don’t always have to engage directly with their services. You really can do most of the work yourself if you please!


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