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27 Apr 2018

Transform Your Forgotten Rooms

There are some rooms in the home that just become neglected. We focus on the main rooms, the ones that are going to see the most people passing through. But the rooms that we neglect are often the ones that have the most potential. There’s so much space being wasted, and switching them up can actually add a lot of value to your home. Even though you might not want to spend the money in the beginning on a room you feel as though you’re never going to use, we’re here to change your mind and show you how just a few changes here and there can possibly turn these rooms into the main room of the home.

Dining Room

This is going to be a split one for most of you reading this. You’ll either religiously use the dining room for every evening meal that you and your family have. Or you’ll be the type of family who spends their evening's meals separated in different rooms, or all crammed in front of the TV. So, what you need to do is think about the space and how to use it. If it’s the case that your dining room is too small, have you ever considered knocking the wall through in the kitchen to make a big open plan kitchen and dinner? It’s so popular to do this at the minute, and there actually is a ton of value to be added to the home by doing so. It might cost a bit in the beginning, but it will be worth it. This then gives you the option to have a big dining room table, a long oak one if you can, and chairs all around it to create the perfect family room.


The loft is definitely one of the forgotten about rooms. In fact, people might not even class it as a room! But if you haven’t ever thought about getting a loft conversion, now is the time to do so. A loft conversion is a perfect way of creating an extra room without having to do too much to the exterior of the house. Of course, it is going to be a big project. There will be multiple different teams involved, and for one, you’ll actually need access to the loft. Empire Lofts is just one company who would be able to help you with the access, and a renovation team would be able to do the rest. You just need to make sure they’re doing the best job possible in terms of getting rid of animals and spiders etc. properly insulating the room, and installing heating to keep the room warm during those cold winter nights.


The garage is forgotten about just as much as the loft. It’s often the place where the most clutter builds up. However, all you need to do is find what you’d like the room to be, clear it out, give it a bit of paint, and fill it with what you need. If you wanted it to be a chill-out room, you would need to have flooring and heating installed. But it could simply be used as a home gym!


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