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19 Apr 2018

Six of the Best Cities in the World To Discover

While being able to get away to the beach is much needed, a lot has to be said of a city break. The chance to explore, discover new sights and history, as well as indulge in some local treats and eateries can be a welcome change. But with so many choices of cities around the world, where is best to travel to? Here are some pretty underrated cities from all around the world that are worth a trip. Have you been to any of them before?

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago often referred to as the ‘second city’ in the US, makes everyone that visits fall in love. It has the perfect mix of tourist, as well as new and old. Locals often talk about their city’s bar scene, with its vibrant live music and culture, as well as its local neighbourhoods and its affordability. There is plenty for families too.

Porto, Portugal

Much like Chicago, it is the ‘second city’ of Portugal but doesn’t mean that it is second place, far from it. It is really affordable for travellers, especially for a night out. It is a really friendly city too with locals being helpful to tourists. It also helps when the beach is right by too; you can experience the best of both worlds.

Melbourne, Australia

The weather in Australia is enough to have Melbourne on the list! But the food scene, as well as great local neighborhoods puts it high up on the list of best places to visit. It is a great place if you like to be active and outside; the locals are among some of the fittest in the world.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmonton is a really vibrant city that deserves a place on the list too. Part of its unique charm that makes it unlike any other is that it’s so close to some pretty epic national parks. Elk Island National Park is less than an hour’s drive away, as well as the Jasper National Park a little further out. There are plenty of places to stay too, including somewhere like the Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre. Staying near the south means that you’re close by to an array of shopping, nightlife and entertainment options.

London, United Kingdom

The capital city of Britain is one of the best cities in the world. It is a hub for culture and history, with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to eat at too. There are world-class shows and attractions for all of the family. The only downside is the cost; it can be pretty expensive.

Shanghai, China

The first Asian city on the list is Shanghai in China. It is the country’s financial hub and the country’s biggest city, but don’t let that put you off! The local residents' rate it's public transport as some of the best. It is a clean city, and a really safe city to be in too, with a very low crime.

Have you got a favourite city that you would add to the list? Tell me in the comments below.


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