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14 Nov 2017

Who Says Affordable Fashion Couldn’t Be Fun?!

Looking our best is a goal that all women share, and there’s nothing wrong with pumping time and energy into perfecting your style. On the other hand, fashion cannot be a priority when it comes to spending money. As a financially responsible woman, the bulk of your cash resources will be better spent elsewhere. Therefore, affordability is a top concern.

Taking a responsible approach shouldn’t stop you from achieving great results, though. You can still express your personality in a fun manner without breaking the bank. Here’s how..


Go Retro

The retro vibe is a hot topic in many aspects of modern life. Fashion is one area where it can be hugely beneficial for your pocket as well as your happiness.

Opting for a retro look isn’t simply about whacking out an old band t-shirt or changing your skirt length. Cheap yet fashionable eyewear can work wonders for the overall look. Meanwhile, you can easily build an old-school style around the passions you’ve had since childhood.

For 20-somethings, the 90s and early 2000s are probably the leading contenders. However, women of all ages can look back to a variety of decades and eras for inspiration.

Create Your Own Fashion

In many cases, we throw clothes away through boredom rather than a lack of function. Repurposing old items doesn’t only breathe new life into your wardrobe, but it also ensures that your style remains unique to you.

It does require a minor initial outlay. Nonetheless, the savings made will quickly compensate for those costs. Read sewing machine ratings and reviews to locate the perfect product for your needs. Get this decision right, and you’ll be set for years of fun and affordable fashion.

If you get really good, you may find that other people will pay you to create clothes for them too.

Play With Hairstyles

Your fashion style isn’t influenced solely by your clothing choices. Natural appearances are an equally important factor, not least because they form the foundations for each outfit you wear. So, why not have a little fun with your hair?

Some hairstylists will charge a fortune for a new cut. However, as long as you learn to keep your head healthy, there’s plenty that you can do too. These quick and easy hairstyle guides should equip you with the knowledge needed to achieve stunning outcomes.

The right hairstyle doesn't only set the tone for your outfit. It also shapes your face for the perfect look.

Hit The Offline Sales

Nowadays, a lot of women tend to search the internet for great deals. Unfortunately, many of the outfits bought online fail to look as good as you’d hope. Consequently, items either need to be returned at a cost, or they sit at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Hitting the local shopping centre enables you to try clothes on, ensuring you find the right sizes and designs time and time again. This reduces the waste while some of the independent stores may even offer you a chance to negotiateon prices. This is sure to leave you smiling.

The pure fun of shopping, trying on items, and finding a bargain has been lost on many women too. Rediscover it, and you’ll never look back.



  1. You forgot the best tip! Go charity shopping 😂

    1. I’m actually sitting in my vintage charting shop find!🤣 x

  2. Ooh, I love your tips! It's also reminded me to book an appointment at the hairdressers... getting a new do really does uplift your mood and style, doesn't it?
    Bisous, Faz

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