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28 Nov 2017

Getting That Ensuite Finish You'll Love

There’s nothing classier than an en suite bathroom. That additional little space right next to the bedroom where you can install a closed shower, toilet and basin can feel like a proper luxury in a UK home, especially as many of the houses across the country do not feature an en suite. Usually, these are resolved for hotels and new build houses, so to be able to have the option to install one in your own home doesn’t just boost your house value, it can boost your own self-esteem.

If you are lucky enough to have the space in your home for an en suite on the master bedroom, grab the chance with both hands. Not only do you get to plan the colour scheme, shower type and metal tile trim finishes, you get to decide whether to be really extravagant and add underfloor heating, a clawfoot tub and a heated towel rail. Each of these little luxuries pushes your house value right up while giving you a real sense of achievement with every new installation. Your en suite should have a touch of your personal style as well as a theme that reflects the ambience of peace and relaxation that any bathroom should have. The big question to ask yourself is what you should consider when installing your en suite into your home? We’ve got some exciting ways to finish yours off, so that you can really get the best out of the space.

Your en suite should be viewed as an extension of your master bedroom. If your bedroom is decorated in hues of indigo and cream, with an opulent and thick carpet, you should aim for a similar colour scheme in your bathroom. You don’t want it to match exactly, but sticking to the colour palette can really make it look like it belongs there.

The main family bathroom is for everyone in the house, but the en suite is just for you. It should be a sanctuary that reflects your own tastes, whether that’s a light-up celebrity mirror or a sleek vanity unit with built-in hair dryers.

Sleek Style
You don’t have to have set foot in a boutique bathroom in a hotel to know that statement tubs and bold curtains are a feature. Stand-alone tubs and bold pieces of art will help you get the sleek look you crave.

Instead of building your en suite as a separate room, you could follow the partition trend and have your bathroom as part of the bedroom with a freestanding wall in between the sleep space and the wash space. You’d still have tiled floors and lighting to complement, but it wouldn’t have a door attached.

The perfect bathroom should reflect your own style, ideas and likes and it can be as bold or as toned-down as you fancy. Your space needs to be maximised by what you put into it and adding natural plants alongside tall windows gets you that natural look you may crave. Make your en suite a luxury, and you’ll find satisfaction whenever you set foot in the room.


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