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28 Sep 2017

Why Windows Can Be A Focal Point

Windows were a wonderful invention. Light comes in, faces look out, and we choose to forget that time there was a tax on them and had them bricked up as a result. Yet windows can act as a focal point for any room, and can incorporate feng shui quite well in room setups. So what can do you with a window that makes it prettier, focused, and a whole lot more interesting to look at from across the room?


Curtains Can Be Pretty and Practical

Curtains keep a room insulated, keep light out when it’s not wanted, and just help complete the look of a room more than anything else. Plenty of lining can be used to bulk up some old material if you need. 

Before buying some curtains, get a fabric or colour sample and hold it up to the light. You don’t want to be misled by colours that look natural in any other way except with daylight. You can get a huge range of made to measure curtains from any shop or site, and they’re usually perfect for your needs seeing as you designed them! Depending on your fabric, your curtains will need to be replaced every few years. You can even have a summer and winter pair if you fancy it. 

There’s Always Some Sun To Catch

Even when the rain is beating down against the panes, there’s some light for you to catch. Maximise on the sun’s rays and change your rooms around to make the window a focal point for this reason. 

If you have a darker room in your house or flat, then you’ll need to identify them first of all. Rooms like the bathroom or the hallway or more likely to have a lower source of natural light, so focus on these first. 

For a bathroom particularly, you can use mirrors to get a lovely reflective effect. Be careful not to overexpose your four walls though, as you don’t want to walk in in the middle of the night, turn the light on, and get hit straight in the eye with a direct beam!

The Sound of the Rain is Therapeutic 

Hearing the sound of rain beating down against the glass of windows, or even dripping off the panes can be quite relaxing to some. It’s a form of white noise that can help put us to sleep, or maybe wake us up. Either way, having a window to connect you to the outside world even when you’re stuck indoors can be a mind saver. 

Placing a plant in front of a window helps to further symbolise the element of nature. After all, sounds of nature are common albums you’ll find in the soothing section of record stores, or in the genre sections online. You won’t have to fork out for the rainy season however. 

Windows were designed to let light in and people look out, but there’s so many ways to customise then, with stickers or decals if you so fancy.  


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