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19 Sep 2017

Giving Your Home That Natural Look

Neutral colours, wooden textures and plenty of green plants are the hallmarks of a nature-inspired home. Whether you’re just starting out with DIY interior design or if you’re thinking about shaking up the feel of your home with the help of a contractor, consider giving it the natural makeover with some of these fantastic tips.

Choose Your Colours
Colours play a huge component in natural-looking homes. The types of colour you want to use are whites, greens, and other natural colours such as beige and light browns. The beige and brown colours emulate the feeling of wood, and the white colours are neutral and can go with almost any decor arrangement. It’s a good idea to mix some darker browns or even blacks to contrast with the lighter colours. Most of these colours can be achieved through natural means. For instance, if you use natural wood in parts of your decor, then you’ll automatically get the browns. If you use lots of plants in your home such as Chinese Evergreen or Aloe Vera, then you’ll automatically get some beautiful shades of green to mix things up.
Mind Your Materials
It was mentioned briefly in the colour section, but materials can add a huge dimension to the natural feel of your home. Using high-quality timber, such as from the likes of George Hill Timber, to make your own furniture or bolster decorations is far better than using random scrap bits of wood. The texture, feel and colour of high-quality timber is fantastic and breathes some natural life into your home. If you want to be even more decorative, then taking tree stumps and converting them into end tables or even seats can add style as well, but this requires a lot of patience and work. Make sure you avoid carpets as much as possible too and replace them with wooden floors instead. If you don’t like the feel of wood, then perhaps laminate flooring would be the ideal replacement. It gives you the look and colour of wood but is far easier to maintain than hardwood flooring.
Design Your Details 
Lastly, let’s talk about the unique touches you can add to give your home a welcoming natural feel. The types of plants you use are important. Although you should try and make them green as often as possible, there are some exceptions. For instance, Lavender introduces a pleasant smell into a room and looks beautiful in a pot placed on a coffee table or on a kitchen counter. Be careful because these smells can be overpowering for some people, so try to keep them as subtle as possible. Another good detail to remember is the type of ornaments and decorations you put on your shelves. Things like books and toys will stand out and ruin an otherwise natural-feeling room. Instead, try to add small plant pots, bowls, jars and other small details that fit the rest of your decor. Keep all of the clashing elements in cupboards and boxes to keep them out of sight.
Hopefully, these tips have given you some insight into how you can introduce a natural feel into your home.


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