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1 Aug 2017

One in a Million: Creatively Expressing Your Individual Personality

In a world where everyone else seems to be trying their hardest to fit in, be different! It’s time to embrace what is unique about you and to show it off to the world. Expressing your individuality is important for personal growth. So, how can you go about creatively expressing your personality, interests signature style to the world around you? Read on to find out!


Your Clothing

One of the most popular vehicles of self-expression is clothing. Think about it. A lot of the time you can gauge someone’s interests and tastes simply by looking at them. There are so many subcultures out there that people can subscribe to. Hipsters, goths, punks, mods. The list goes on and on. But you can also express yourself without having to follow the lines of a distinct subculture. You can wear band shirts to express your music taste. You can wear minimalistic, chic capris with a plain, white unbuttoned shirt to ooze class and sophistication. You could wear bright colors to indicate a bold personality. The possibilities are endless.


Your Vehicle

The type of vehicle you choose to drive can speak volumes about your character. A motorbike shows bravery and suggests that its owner likes to live a little on the wild side. A camper van has connotations of adventure. When it comes to cars, certain models are popular among different demographics, with some cars most often driven by young women (Fiat 500s, Volkswagon Beetles, and Minis), while others tend to be favored by older men. Vintage vehicles can be used as statement pieces. A vintage mini can express an interest in the sixties, for example. Once you’ve settled on a vehicle that caters to your aesthetic as well as your practical needs, you can also personalize it too! Personalisations can include recolouring with full body spray paint to make your set of wheels a more distinctive or unique color. Perhaps you like to be surrounded by an air of mystery and are considering investing in tinted windows. You can also use car tapes to mount a permanent badge on your vehicle or apply decals. If you fancy a more simple, but effective form of customization, you can always opt for subtle bumper stickers.


Your Interior Design

Home is where the heart is and your living space should reflect this. If you are relaxed and carefree, opt for minimal design for rooms that you can breathe and kick back in. Follow a neutral color palette. If you are bold, loud and extroverted, opt for brighter walls or accessories with quirky patterns and contrasting textures. Your home should also be filled with things that you love. Allow your favorite books to rest on your bedside table, your favorite paintings to adorn the walls and your favorite LPs to fill your well-displayed record collection. Ensure that when anyone walks through the door, they get a taste of what you’re about.

Remember, these are just a few ways to express your personality to the world around you. Take the time to ensure that everything around you reflects something about you: a certain interest or a character trait. People will be able to read you like a book and you’ll attract the attention of like-minded individuals.

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