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15 Aug 2017

Create a Rural Retreat (Even if You Live in the City)

Do you love country cottages They’re so cute and relaxed, not to mention that it’s hard not to admire them even if you’ll never own a country cottage of your own. But, do you just have to admire them? You might not have your own little place in the country, but you can create your own slice of country life right now in your own home.

Here are some country cottage interior ideas to transform your home into a rural retreat (even if it’s in the city):

Earthy Tones

Country cottages and rural retreats are known for their earthy tones and neutral colours, so if you want to transform your home, start by repainting those bright walls and getting rid of that patterned wallpaper. What you need is a more natural, blank canvas upon which to build your own rural idyll.

Traditional Furniture

There’s nothing wrong with modern furniture, in fact, it’s great,  but it won’t get you that laid-back country look you’re after. What you need are traditional pieces like duresta sofas and chairs, farmhouse painted tallboys and antique lamps. These will set the tone and give you the kind of no-fuss country ambience you’re looking for.


If you’ve ever been to a country cottage or rural retreat, you will probably have noticed that it was decorated with a lot of handmade quilts, samplers and cushions. These give the place a cosy natural feel that store bought items just don’t. If you aren’t any good at crafting, don’t worry because you can actually buy a lot of handmade homewares online. Just try to pick the most rustic pieces you can find.


Mix and Max

When it comes to fabrics, rural retreats are known for their mix and match approach. The curtains might be floral, but the bedding is striped, and there’s gingham on the cushions. You don’t have to have everything matching you know!

Wood and Stone

Natural materials are what rural retreats are all about, so avoid the plastics and go for oak, slate and even metals. If you can use reclaimed materials, which look even more rustic, then so much the better.

Traditional Carpets

If you don’t like carpet, then rustic wooden or tiled floors are perfect when you’re trying to create a country retreat, but if you’re cool with carpet, it’s even better. The kinds of carpets you should use are traditional patterned ones like those from Wilton. They have the right kind of charm that is typical of a little place in the country.

Install a Fireplace

I know it isn’t always possible, but if you are able to, installing a fireplace or two will do more than almost anything else to give your home that cosy country feel to it. There’s something about the smell of burning wood and flickering flames that just transports you to another time and place where life was a whole lot simpler.

As you can see, creating a rural retreat wherever you are is fairly easy, but you mustn’t forget the most important ingredient - love. It might sound cheesy, but the key to truly getting that country cottage feel is love for your home and love for your family. It creates the perfect atmosphere that country homes are so known for.

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