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24 Aug 2017

Bring Your Love of the Outdoors Indoors

If you’re a lover of the outdoors, the thought of Autumn and Winter creeping up on us might make you sad. Adverse weather conditions may mean you won’t be able to get out as much as you’d like to and the darker mornings and evenings will mean you’ll have less opportunity to advantage of the outdoors. But, instead of feeling miserable about it, why not bring as much of the outdoors as you can indoors? There are many ways to include natural materials into your interior design. Take a look.



Plants and fresh flowers are the perfect way of starting off your outdoors interior. They have a way of breathing new life into any room and there are plenty of varieties you can find that thrive in indoor conditions. Don’t be tempted to go for the ones that need a lot of sun and rain to survive, or you may end up with more dead plants than you count. Having life in your home will also mean you have a better chance of breathing in clean oxygen.

Use Natural Materials

When you’re thinking about replacing your home accessories, go for all-natural materials in your rooms. For example, wicker storage baskets or laundry baskets, rattan furniture in your conservatory or wool rugs and cushions. Look at different textures and patterns and keep the outdoors in mind.

Wood Everywhere

Until you think about bringing the outdoors inside, you don’t realise how useful and beautiful wood really is. Think about using real wood floors instead of laminate flooring. What about oak wood fireplace feature or wooden photo frames? The possibilities with wood are endless and if you find someone who can create bespoke wooden furniture, you can acquire pieces that are not only uniquely fashionable but also highly durable.

Outdoor Colours

When it comes to painting your walls, think about the colours you usually see in the outdoors. The blue of the sky, the greens of the trees and grass and the yellow and orange tones from the sun. Add bright whites, beiges and tans to these colours for a fresh and inviting look. Once you’ve chosen the colours for the walls in each room, you can start to match your accessories to them.


Create Outdoor Accessories

There are times when you can literally bring the outdoors inside. For example, filling mason jars up with sand or seashells and putting them on display in your bathroom. Or collecting acorns and using them as centre display for your dining table. You could even try to create something out of straw, like a wreath. If you can’t get your hands on anything like this, why not hang up some artwork depicting these kinds of items.

Outdoor Smells

The final touch is to create the kinds of fresh scents you’d get in the outdoors. Look for woodsy incense or pick up a few floral scented candles. If you get the opportunity, pick some wild flowers and create some potpourri for every room.

You don’t have to leave the outdoors behind during the colder and darker months!

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