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12 Aug 2017

A Smooth Transition: How to Introduce Your Cat to Its New Home

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You’re probably stressed out about moving house as well - but nobody dislikes it more than your cat. They get attached to the place they live in, even more so than us humans who lived perfectly fine with a nomadic lifestyle for ninety-nine percent of our history so far. Moving house should, after all, not be that traumatic for us. 

Focus on your cat this time and make sure the transition is as smooth as possible; it will lower her stress-levels as well as yours.

The trick is, when you manage to stay calm, it will affect your kitty in positively too. She picks up on your body language and will copy your tenseness before the big move; stay calm and she’ll be inclined to feel a bit more relaxed as well.

Focus On Familiarity

Cats have an amazing scent of smell, as we know, and attach a myriad of emotions and associations to whatever they smell. It’s the same with us humans, by the way, and even though our sense of smell is nowhere near that of your cat, it is actually the biggest trigger we have to emotions and memories.

Do your cat a favour and bring something with that she is fond of and has vivid memories of cuddling with at your past home, playing with, or dreaming sweet dreams in. Rather than leaving it in the truck of the home movers, make sure it’s with you in the car when you move. Cats are indeed place-sensitive, but when you’re leaving her place behind, she’ll find security and comfort in the scents of her favourite toy or blanket.

Do yourself a favour too and soak up some comforting scents before you leave. You may not need the soothing scent of your favourite toy to feel calm - but a scent of lavender or chamomile can help you with taking the edge off.

Introduce Her In Small Steps

When you arrive at your new home, it can easily be a bit overwhelming if the space is big. She’ll spend a lot of time on exploring in any way, and the best way to take some of stress off is to introduce her to the new home gradually. This is especially relevant if she has a history of feeling stressed in new situations or around new people; if your cat is a fearless explorer, it may be alright to let her discover everything right away.

You’ll read her signs easily by keeping an eye on her the first couple of hours - if you find her sitting underneath the furniture for the rest of the day, it’s likely that your cat is feeling slightly overwhelmed.

Don’t Introduce New hanges

If you arrive before the home mover truck gets there, you should keep your cat safe in her carrier until all the furniture has been moved inside. You could also let her be in the bedroom, for example, if the bed comes in first so that she’s able to stretch her legs without intrusive furniture being carried around her.

Your cat is already going through so many changes, and it’s thoughtful to remember that she won’t expect a lot of furniture to arrive and shake up her world again, all of the sudden. Keep things as steady and calm as possible, and your cat will respond to the situation with less stress.

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