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8 Jul 2017

Why Is Canada Is So Underrated?

When you’re drawing up that travel bucket list, or planning your next big summer holiday, you might be thinking about amazing beaches and exotic cultures. Why do we never think of Canada? Canada is an enormous country with some of the world’s most incredible cities, but it seems many of us fail to get excited by it. It might be time to change all that! Check out what I think makes Canada one of the best places in the world to explore:


Toronto is arguably one of the most vibrant cities in the world. There is quite a large population here, and that has attracted some of the world’s most respected companies. Mars, Cisco, and Samsung are just some of the top brands that have headquarters in the area. But it is perhaps what the city can offer tourists that make this a great place to visit.
In the summer, you can experience the wonder of the Toronto Fringe Festival. This attracts acts from all over the world but is a great stage for the best that Canada has to offer. Nearby, you can also enjoy adult summer camp! These are usually situated near the lakes and offer lots of different (and sometimes silly) activities.r
The summer really is the ideal time to see Toronto. There are wonderful bike trails, plenty of festivals and even outdoor movies. With fifteen art galleries and a heritage brewery, there really is plenty for everyone.


This beautiful city is often considered to be the home of Canadian art. As the capital city, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to attractions. The Jazz music festivals and local sports events are highly regarded. Tourism has become a priority for the city so check the Canada ETA update information to see what the current visa requirements are for you.
Fitness, especially ice skating activities, are very important here. If you love being active, why not get started with some ice hockey? There is a good choice of swimming pools as well as gyms in and around the city centre. Don’t forget - Ottawa also has some of the best restaurants in Canada. If you’re going to work it off at the gym, why not indulge a little!

Niagara Falls

No matter how many times you see it on TV, nothing will prepare you for the experience of being next to the Niagara Falls. You can take a tour behind the water, or a very wet boat ride right next to it. This is a truly awesome spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. 

Rocky Mountains

There is a great deal of wilderness to explore in Canada, making it perfect for all you outdoor-types. Activities can be arranged with tour groups or locally. Of course, if you’re really daring you might plan your own itinerary! The terrain can be tough to navigate in places, and if the weather isn’t brilliant, you might be disappointed at times. However, you’ll never find anything quite like it anywhere else. Many people camp here and others enjoy renting a cabin. What will you find in Canada?

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