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8 Aug 2017

From Drab To Fab: Sprucing Up Your Home

We’ve all got at least one room in our homes that we don’t particularly like spending any time in because it’s drab and dreary. It’s normally a small room with whitewashed walls and not much sunlight. Here are some fantastic ways of sprucing up a room without taking up much space.

Plants are a fantastic way of brightening up any room in the house, especially plain rooms. They add a splash of color, relieve stress, and also have many other benefits that you can read about here. Plants are often inexpensive too, just head down to your local garden store and look for indoor plants. Another option is to grow your own.


Another great way of bringing character to a room is through artwork. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive; you could even make it yourself if you’re feeling crafty. All you will need is a canvas, some brightly colored paint, and some imagination. Pinterest is a great way of inspiring yourself. If you’re not really the do-it-yourself type when it comes to artwork, most homeware stores stock pictures and other things that you could display on your walls.

Adding color to at least one of the walls will completely change how the room feels. If it’s a small room, try and go for a brighter color as this will open up the room and make it feel bigger than it is. You could choose your favorite color, although, you may want to check with any other decision making people in your household if they’re happy with that.

Upcycling furniture to give them extra uses is also a fabulous way of saving space and giving the room an interesting feature. Try turning an ottoman into a seating area, or a chest of drawers into a mini home bar. There are so many things that you could do, so get creative!

We all know lighting creates ambiance, but having a lamp in a small room won’t do it any favors. To really open up a room, why not try led panels? They distribute light evenly and are also great for saving you money on your electric bill. They are perfect for rooms that don’t have much if any, natural sunlight.


Think about the space that is in that room. Could you turn that room into another high functioning room in your home? It’s super easy to turn rooms into a relaxing area, or an office. You might not work from home, but having a dedicated space for you to use your computer, or keep all of your important files and bills will become useful in the long run. If you’re a gaming fanatic, you could turn the room into a gaming room. Whether it’s on your pc, gaming consoles or board games, having a ‘den’ to take yourself away to is brilliant.

Whatever you decide to do with your room, make it your own style.

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