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28 Jul 2017

Creativity Of A Different Kind: Using Artistic Flair To Create Your Personal Image

If you have creative flair, you’re one of the blessed ones. Seeing the world through a creative lens is the best feeling. It’s an amazing way to look at everything with the fascination it deserves. Creativity also offers an outlet through which to reach the world. It’s one of many ways we lessen the human experience of loneliness.

But, many creatives fail to use their gifts to their full extent. They settle on painting or sculpting and use all their creative energy there. But, there’s no need for it. Instead of focusing on one outlet, artists should apply creativity to everything. And, that includes their appearance. The face you show the world is important. So, why not use your skills to perfect the way you look? These steps should give you some idea of how to apply creativity to your appearance.

Use Yourself As A Canvas

In truth, designing a creative personal image is no different to painting a picture. The tools may be different, but the process is the same. You are the artist and your body is the blank canvas. You need to create colours, lines, and shapes, which all work well together. Consider every aspect, from your outfit to your makeup. Creating an image requires patience, in the same way that painting a picture does. Don’t rush your makeup routine. Take time over it. Relish the brush strokes. Take time to see the natural beauty in yourself, and highlight it with your designs.

Develop A Signature Style

Every artist needs a signature style. It's what sets them apart from the crowd. It also ensures people recognise their work immediately. It’s also important to develop a signature style when working on the way you look. Following the crowd is no way to stand out. And, if there’s one thing creative individuals hate, it’s blending in with the crowd. Instead, step away and buy what you like, rather than what’s popular. And, take time over the small flourishes which will set your apart. Accessories offer a fantastic opportunity to create distinction. Opting for bespoke and custom jewellery, like the pieces found at Jaubalet will help you here. Custom-made options like these ensure that no one else will have anything like it.

Think, too, about a signature makeup style. Bright lipsticks or colorful eyeshadows could be all it takes to create an image people recognise.

Take Inspiration From All Around

This point may seem like a contradiction. But, most artists also know how important it is to take inspiration from other sources. That’s not to say that you need to copy other people’s styles. That’ll lead you straight to the crowd mentality the above point warns against. But, it’s worth looking out for individuals who interest you. Take note of their main fashion features, and consider how you could apply them to your look. Take inspiration, too, from colors you see, or prints which appeal to you. Mixing all these things together will turn you into a multi sensory sensation.

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