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26 Jul 2017

6 Tips To Make The Office A Nicer Place To Work

Most offices are dreary, and people dread going into work. Today, I’ve found some ways that every office could be improved, and I’m going to share them with you.

Air conditioning

Even in the coldest of climates, we still have those rare hot and muggy days. This makes working in an office unbearable. Employees are often snappy because they are too hot. Think about installing an air conditioning unit into the office. Even on the days that it isn’t necessarily warm, it will provide fresher air into the room making employees happier and more awake. Units often come with the option to change the temperature of the air it expels, so don’t worry about the office becoming too cold.


Plants brighten up any room and will spark more creativity within your employees. If you don’t want to maintain the plants, you could go for some fake flowers. Anything with a splash of colour is likely to ignite the imagination, meaning your team will be working efficiently.



Spotlights and bright strip lights can induce headaches and most of the time, are too bright for working conditions. Why not install some led panels which will not only distribute the light better, but will save you money on your electric bill. They’re super easy to install and are a brilliant investment for any office (or home, for that matter!)

Like with any job, the freedom to be able to grab a cuppa when you need one is great. Why not buy a coffee machine for your staff, trust me they will be forever grateful. Vending machines are also a great addition to any office. Being able to grab a snack to boost your energy levels can make the world of difference to your performance at work.


Consider music. Statistics show that people work better when there is ambient music in the background. I don’t mean have the latest chart singles on, as this could lead to be distracting. I mean something that will break through the sounds of everyone tapping on their keyboards. Music often makes repetitive work less tedious too.

Make it like home. Unfortunately, we have to spend the majority of our time in the office. Even though you want your staff to stay professional, making the office a little more homely by adding a sofa and a table with a few magazines will make a difference. Staff could sit there on their breaks and relax for a short time. Also, being in surroundings that aren’t so corporate will help your employees feel comfortable at work, which could lead to improvement in their workflow.


Making these simple changes could improve the atmosphere in your office. Remember, keeping your staff happy is one of the key things to run a successful business. If they’re happy, they will work more efficiently. Invest in making these changes to your work environment and you will soon start reaping the benefits. Plus, who actually likes going into a drab space to work?

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