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How To Handle Unwelcome Body Hair

We all grow hair in unwanted places. Keeping this hair at bay often requires a strict regime. However, it needn’t be a complete chore. Here are just a few tips to make hair removal easier.

Don’t believe the shaving myths

Shaving is often the most efficient way of getting rid of hair quickly. Some believe that this causes the hair to grow back faster and courser, but this is a myth. By cutting the ends off, the hair simply loses its smooth tip, which causes that prickly sensation – it’s still growing at exactly the same rate and is no thicker.

The big disadvantage of shaving is of course that it’s less permanent than other solutions. Razors might also not be great for getting round all the contours of the body. Specialist razors with curve sensing blades as produced by Wilkinson Sword can help and minimise those ankle cuts.

Take out rogue hairs with tweezers

Those strange single hairs that seem to grow in odd places are best tackled with tweezers. This will kill it at the root and stop it ever growing back again. Plucking can have its disadvantages. Occasionally a hair may snap when pulled out, leaving the root in there which then turns into an ingrown hair. You should also always ensure that your tweezers are clean to reduce the chance of infection. Many women also pluck their eyebrows – whilst you can pluck other parts of the body its very time consuming, making other more permanent solutions better.

Consider creams

Creams are good for preventing prickliness and getting those areas of the body that are difficult with a razor. Over the counter creams will often dissolve the hair. They should not be left on too long as they can sometimes affect skin and create rashes. There are then specialist creams such as Vaniqa Cream for female facial hair, which doesn’t dissolve the hair but instead slows down growth and makes hairs come out thinner so that they can be shaved off less often and with less chance of prickliness. For serious body hair, a doctor may even be able to recommend a prescription cream.

Wax unwanted hair away

Waxing can get rid of hair for up to 3 to 6 weeks, making it ideal for those that don’t want to be constantly attending to their body hair. This process pulls out all the hairs by the roots, so is essentially mass plucking. You will get redness after and the area should be kept clean to stop the follicles getting infected.

Most people will choose to get professionally waxed, although you can get home waxing kits to try on yourself. If you’re going down this latter root, make sure that hair is at least a quarter of an inch long, otherwise the waxing strips may not be able to get a firm grip.

Pricier permanent solutions

No treatment is entirely permanent, although there are now modern practices that can guarantee longer removal. For example, laser hair removal can remove hair for 6 to 12 months. This doesn’t work for all hair types – it generally won’t work for white and blond hair. There’s also a chance of redness and even scarring.

Electrolysis meanwhile is a treatment that involves placing tiny needles in the root and destroying with an electric current. This treatment works on people with white or blond hair but is a long procedure making it unsuitable for large areas of hair. It can remove hairs for up to a decade, sometimes even longer.

Handling hormonal shifts

A shift in hormones can sometimes be the cause of irregular hair growth. This may be the case with many women going through their menopause or those suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. In such cases it can be worth talking to your doctor, who may be able to recommend medicine to treat the extra hair growth. Birth control pills have been found to work for some women.


Creativity Of A Different Kind: Using Artistic Flair To Create Your Personal Image

If you have creative flair, you’re one of the blessed ones. Seeing the world through a creative lens is the best feeling. It’s an amazing way to look at everything with the fascination it deserves. Creativity also offers an outlet through which to reach the world. It’s one of many ways we lessen the human experience of loneliness.

But, many creatives fail to use their gifts to their full extent. They settle on painting or sculpting and use all their creative energy there. But, there’s no need for it. Instead of focusing on one outlet, artists should apply creativity to everything. And, that includes their appearance. The face you show the world is important. So, why not use your skills to perfect the way you look? These steps should give you some idea of how to apply creativity to your appearance.

Use Yourself As A Canvas

In truth, designing a creative personal image is no different to painting a picture. The tools may be different, but the process is the same. You are the artist and your body is the blank canvas. You need to create colours, lines, and shapes, which all work well together. Consider every aspect, from your outfit to your makeup. Creating an image requires patience, in the same way that painting a picture does. Don’t rush your makeup routine. Take time over it. Relish the brush strokes. Take time to see the natural beauty in yourself, and highlight it with your designs.

Develop A Signature Style

Every artist needs a signature style. It's what sets them apart from the crowd. It also ensures people recognise their work immediately. It’s also important to develop a signature style when working on the way you look. Following the crowd is no way to stand out. And, if there’s one thing creative individuals hate, it’s blending in with the crowd. Instead, step away and buy what you like, rather than what’s popular. And, take time over the small flourishes which will set your apart. Accessories offer a fantastic opportunity to create distinction. Opting for bespoke and custom jewellery, like the pieces found at Jaubalet will help you here. Custom-made options like these ensure that no one else will have anything like it.

Think, too, about a signature makeup style. Bright lipsticks or colorful eyeshadows could be all it takes to create an image people recognise.

Take Inspiration From All Around

This point may seem like a contradiction. But, most artists also know how important it is to take inspiration from other sources. That’s not to say that you need to copy other people’s styles. That’ll lead you straight to the crowd mentality the above point warns against. But, it’s worth looking out for individuals who interest you. Take note of their main fashion features, and consider how you could apply them to your look. Take inspiration, too, from colors you see, or prints which appeal to you. Mixing all these things together will turn you into a multi sensory sensation.


6 Tips To Make The Office A Nicer Place To Work

Most offices are dreary, and people dread going into work. Today, I’ve found some ways that every office could be improved, and I’m going to share them with you.

Air conditioning

Even in the coldest of climates, we still have those rare hot and muggy days. This makes working in an office unbearable. Employees are often snappy because they are too hot. Think about installing an air conditioning unit into the office. Even on the days that it isn’t necessarily warm, it will provide fresher air into the room making employees happier and more awake. Units often come with the option to change the temperature of the air it expels, so don’t worry about the office becoming too cold.


Plants brighten up any room and will spark more creativity within your employees. If you don’t want to maintain the plants, you could go for some fake flowers. Anything with a splash of colour is likely to ignite the imagination, meaning your team will be working efficiently.



Spotlights and bright strip lights can induce headaches and most of the time, are too bright for working conditions. Why not install some led panels which will not only distribute the light better, but will save you money on your electric bill. They’re super easy to install and are a brilliant investment for any office (or home, for that matter!)

Like with any job, the freedom to be able to grab a cuppa when you need one is great. Why not buy a coffee machine for your staff, trust me they will be forever grateful. Vending machines are also a great addition to any office. Being able to grab a snack to boost your energy levels can make the world of difference to your performance at work.


Consider music. Statistics show that people work better when there is ambient music in the background. I don’t mean have the latest chart singles on, as this could lead to be distracting. I mean something that will break through the sounds of everyone tapping on their keyboards. Music often makes repetitive work less tedious too.

Make it like home. Unfortunately, we have to spend the majority of our time in the office. Even though you want your staff to stay professional, making the office a little more homely by adding a sofa and a table with a few magazines will make a difference. Staff could sit there on their breaks and relax for a short time. Also, being in surroundings that aren’t so corporate will help your employees feel comfortable at work, which could lead to improvement in their workflow.


Making these simple changes could improve the atmosphere in your office. Remember, keeping your staff happy is one of the key things to run a successful business. If they’re happy, they will work more efficiently. Invest in making these changes to your work environment and you will soon start reaping the benefits. Plus, who actually likes going into a drab space to work?


A Fantastic Monthly Makers Market in New Market Square Leicester

Fraser Urquhart Media and Leicester City Council present a Monthly Makers Market in New Market Square. Discover the finest local food, drink, art and craft producers in the heart of Leicester City Centre.
The New Market Square in Leicester will be the home to a new monthly Makers Market. The market will run every first Sunday of each month from 11am-4pm in Leicester’s newest public space. 

The markets will feature creatives who make, bake, create and source the products they sell which ensures their goods are unique and of high quality.

We are currently on the lookout for makers who would like to sell their unique and quirky products at the market.
We would also like to hear from people who can run workshops and demonstrations as well as musicians and other entertainment to animate the square.  Stalls will be provided.
This will be the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your products/services to new customers and what we hope will be a must visit event for the diary.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, please get in touch!
For all enquiries or for more information please contact Carey York at Fraser Urquhart Media on 0116 253344 or email carey@fu-media.co.uk.


Why Is Canada Is So Underrated?

When you’re drawing up that travel bucket list, or planning your next big summer holiday, you might be thinking about amazing beaches and exotic cultures. Why do we never think of Canada? Canada is an enormous country with some of the world’s most incredible cities, but it seems many of us fail to get excited by it. It might be time to change all that! Check out what I think makes Canada one of the best places in the world to explore:

Toronto is arguably one of the most vibrant cities in the world. There is quite a large population here, and that has attracted some of the world’s most respected companies. Mars, Cisco, and Samsung are just some of the top brands that have headquarters in the area. But it is perhaps what the city can offer tourists that make this a great place to visit.
In the summer, you can experience the wonder of the Toronto Fringe Festival. This attracts acts from all over the world but is a great stage for the best that Canada has to offer. Nearby, you can also enjoy adult summer camp! These are usually situated near the lakes and offer lots of different (and sometimes silly) activities.r
The summer really is the ideal time to see Toronto. There are wonderful bike trails, plenty of festivals and even outdoor movies. With fifteen art galleries and a heritage brewery, there really is plenty for everyone.

This beautiful city is often considered to be the home of Canadian art. As the capital city, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to attractions. The Jazz music festivals and local sports events are highly regarded. Tourism has become a priority for the city so check the Canada ETA update information to see what the current visa requirements are for you.
Fitness, especially ice skating activities, are very important here. If you love being active, why not get started with some ice hockey? There is a good choice of swimming pools as well as gyms in and around the city centre. Don’t forget - Ottawa also has some of the best restaurants in Canada. If you’re going to work it off at the gym, why not indulge a little!
Niagara Falls

No matter how many times you see it on TV, nothing will prepare you for the experience of being next to the Niagara Falls. You can take a tour behind the water, or a very wet boat ride right next to it. This is a truly awesome spectacle that shouldn’t be missed. 
Rocky Mountains

There is a great deal of wilderness to explore in Canada, making it perfect for all you outdoor-types. Activities can be arranged with tour groups or locally. Of course, if you’re really daring you might plan your own itinerary! The terrain can be tough to navigate in places, and if the weather isn’t brilliant, you might be disappointed at times. However, you’ll never find anything quite like it anywhere else. Many people camp here and others enjoy renting a cabin. What will you find in Canada?

What's the Recipe for a New Wave Man Cave?

First came the shed, man’s supposed sanctuary surreptitiously stowed away at the bottom of the garden or better still, adorning an allotment. Next came the man cave – a quiet room or corner where the man of the house could hide away and enjoy his hobbies, undisturbed. Be it playing obtuse vinyl records, digging into DIY, getting carried away on computer games consoles, or just watching really big TVs, whatever he was into, in the late 90s the man cave was a must-have for men of a certain age. In case you were wondering, the moniker was apparently spawned by the popular novel of the time, Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Now, several decades after the book’s publication, the man cave is now fading from fashion in favour of a new masculine nook, one that resides in the kitchen.
According to new research from Mintel, men are now spurning DIY tasks and instead aspiring to become better chefs. Their research found that 40 per cent of men are confident about cooking a meal from scratch compared to just 32 per cent who felt similarly assured about tackling household DIY jobs. The significant rise in gourmet gadgetry is thought to have played a part in luring men into the kitchen. So, if the man cave has now relocated to the kitchen, what ingredients do you need to make the perfect new wave man cave?

Gadgets galore

You might start off with the basics – a really big American style fridge freezer, a toaster that does more than two slices at once. Next on the list are the chef-y gadgets like a pasta machine, a tagine and a mandolin. Before you know it you’ve got a mini blowtorch in the back of your cupboard and you’re shopping for a sous vide machine that can be remotely controlled by an app on your smartphone. The first wave man cave was very much about multimedia; stereos, games consoles and speakers commonly adorned walls and floors. Now it would seem they have at least partially been replaced by a brigade of blenders and spiralizers.

Lovely larder

It may seem somewhat contradictory that a trend that’s partially fuelled by the future of culinary technology is also harking back to more traditional times. However, with the likes of brewing, baking and home curing becoming more popular, a lovely larder should be top of the culinary cave inclusion list. Pantries and food cupboards have been making a huge comeback in recent years. And they’re not just the preserve of those with an impressive collection of spices, homemade jams and pickles. If you grow your own herbs, having a larder to store them in can help you make better use of them in dishes. They’re also a handy place to keep demijohns of homebrew and wine. Definitely a must have for craft beer enthusiasts.

Entertainment area

While cooking itself can be a very personal affair, the enjoyment and sharing off food is a very social hobby. With this in mind, a culinary man cave needn’t necessarily be a place to seek solitude. In fact, it could very likely end up as a spot for entertaining and showcasing those hard practised skills. For those that love cooking outdoors as well as in, bi-fold doors make the perfect entrance to a kitchen cave.

Floor to ceiling wooden doors like these from Vufold can help things cool down when things hot up a little too much in the kitchen, which can happen all too quickly when a dinner party is on the menu. Floor to ceiling doors are also a great way to encourage the flow of dinner and party guests when hosting sophisticated soirees, because whatever the song says, it’s not great to find too many people in the kitchen at parties, particularly if you’re trying to cook in there. Opening a kitchen has the benefit of giving more direct access between the dinner area and the main food prep area, so guests can keep company for the chef. You can also deck out your perfect cave entrance with wooden table and chairs, atmospheric lighting and a fire pit or chiminea to keep guests warm while they enjoy after dinner drinks by moonlight.

Do you have a man cave in your home? If not, do you think a traditional man cave or culinary one is more likely to carry favour? Perhaps you like each space to feel equally open to each member of the family?

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