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4 Jun 2017

Unwinding After A Stressful Day In 3 Easy Steps

If you’ve been rushed off your feet all day at work, your boss has been nagging you, you forgot your packed lunch, and then missed your bus on the way home (it’s also raining in this sorry scene); you will walk through your front door exhausted and stressed. If you’re wound up tightly, it can be difficult to relax and switch off to get a decent night’s sleep. So take a look at some of the following tips, to help you unwind as soon as you get home.

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Take The Day Off

After you’ve had that first (and well deserved) cup of tea, or glass of wine, when you get home; it’s always good to go and have a wash and change into your comfy clothes. You’re unlikely to be able to unwind, if you still feel constricted by your stiff and constricting work attire, and if your hair and makeup have seen better days. So consider tying your hair in a topknot and getting it out of your face, before hopping in a hot shower, or soaking up the suds in a bath for a bit of R & R. By physically getting clean, your mind will feel a little calmer and more refreshed, so you can get on with making you dinner.


Get Cosy

Now you’re washed and wearing your comfy clothes; it’s time to get as cosy as possible. Wrap yourself up in a blanket as you eat your noodles and watch Netflix, light a scented candle, and enjoy yourself. By indulging your senses and feeling warm and protected, the stresses of your day will begin to ebb away with ease. Think about where you’re likely to chill out the most and spend some time one weekend making it a serene and comfortable space within your home. Cover your sofa with plump cushions and a soft throw, adorn your bedroom flooring with a fluffy rug, and invest in a lamp of two that give off soft lighting; you’ll be drifting away on a stress-free cloud before you know it.

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Switch Off

Switching off can be the real challenge; whether you’re addicted to watching YouTube tutorials on your iPad, scrolling through Instagram on your phone, or you just feel the need to reply to that email that came through the second before you left work. Whatever technology (and blue-lit device) is stuck to your hands in the evening; start to let them go an hour before you plan to fall asleep. This may be difficult at first, but removing the over-stimulating world of the internet from you thoughts in good time before you close your eyes, will prevent your mind racing as you try to sleep. Take a look here as to why you should banish smartphones and computers from the bedroom: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/11384714/Banish-smartphones-and-computers-from-bedroom-to-get-a-good-sleep-say-scientists.html.

Be strict on yourself and even set an alarm; then ensure you switch off your devices at the same time each evening. Getting your body and mind into a relaxation regime will make unwinding habitual and far easier than if you have a manic, unstructured evening. The more chilled out you are before bed, the better night’s sleep you have; therefore, you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to handle all that nagging from your boss at work again.

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