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6 Jun 2017

Show Your True Colours With DIY Ideas

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

And there’s nothing you can do about it: colours do make the world go round. Therefore it is impossible not to write a post about colours. Colours can be your saviours during dark and tiring days. They are there to lift your spirit up and make you smile. Surely, you’ve noticed that you feel a little happier when you are wearing bright clothes instead of a classic black ensemble. That is the magic of colours. So come and dive now into the story of a colourful world and why it’s important for your mood and energy. Then you will discover some craft ideas to make your home and your life a more colourful place!

You Need Colours In Your Life

Colours say a lot about who you are. Surprisingly,  you can feel a lot more energised when you see or wear your favourite colour. It is because your mind establishes an emotional connection with a variety of colours. As a result, changing the colour of your clothes or your surroundings can significantly impact on your mood. If you are trying to achieve a difficult goal – whether it is professionally or at home – finding the right colour to help you to draw strength and support can be a catalyst for your success. Additionally, you can also use colour as part of a healing process, whether you are going through a difficult time or simply struggling with chronic pain.

Funky And Simple Accents

It’s funny how when some consider adding colours into their home décor; their immediate thought is to buy something bright and colourful, like a red chair or a blue table. Actually, with a little bit of craft, you can make your own colourful accents for each room. Not only will it be significantly cheaper but it will also be more satisfying. If you’ve never heard of embroidery hoop art, it is a relaxing and pleasurable hobby that can help you to create amazing pieces. However, if embroidery isn’t your thing, how about using the hoop as a canvas for a mosaic piece? All you need is colourful pieces such as broken glass or plates. You can create a waterfall of colours using strong adhesives – Kenyon adhesives are super easy to use and sturdy, for example – to stick your hoops to the wall. They are also a great effect when placed around a round mirror.

Going Big And Bold

If you prefer bold interior décors, a subtle colourful highlight will not do the trick for you. Instead, you may want to consider painting your walls in bright colours. Stay away from the sempiternal Magnolia and opt for something for daring. From a yellow door to a blue room, there is a lot of options for your to explore. What colours should you avoid? None! However, do bear in mind that dark colours should be used in rooms with plenty of natural light. Otherwise, they might create a suffocating and anxious atmosphere. The trendy colours for the seasons tend to be pastel tones, but you can also revive a room with one boldly coloured wall. A green wall in the bathroom maybe, or an orange wall in the lounge.

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