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23 May 2017

The Ultimate Dinner Party: Everything You Need To Think About


Many people love the idea of throwing a dinner party. A chance to socialise in your home, drinking great beverages, and eating amazing food. However, while it’s amazing to host a dinner party, it can be somewhat stressful for the host to ensure that they cover all angles. But don’t threat, here is a quick guide on how you can throw the ultimate dinner party. Leaving you time to enjoy the shenanigans rather than feel stressed about them.

Finalise your guest list

One of the main categories of organising a dinner party is working out your guest list and who to invite. There is the consideration of how much space you have and if you can accommodate a certain number of people. After all, it’s all well and good inviting lots of people, but if they have nowhere to sit, or anywhere to enjoy the food, it can add unwanted stress to the situation. This is when you need to consider your table and dining options for the dinner party. Some people choose to host them outside of their home if you have a number of people attending. Perhaps taking the party outside if the weather is good or even hiring a venue for the occasion. There is definitely a lot you can consider.

Consider a theme for your dinner party

The next thing to think about would be a theme for your dinner party. Is there a particular occasion you are celebrating, or would you like to theme your menu or decor? Some people choose to honour seasonal produce and local suppliers as a theme in itself. Another trend that seems to be increasing in popularity is spreading the job of cooking. Where one person handles the starter, the next the main course and so on. People sometimes even switch homes if they live close in proximity.


Ensure you choose the right drinks

Food is, of course, a huge part of the dinner party, but often the drinks choices are left as a last minute decision. The thing is, the drinks you supply can complement the food you serve. Which is why it may be worth matching your wine choices to the ingredients on the menu. There is information online on websites like the O'Briens Wine blog which is full of information on different wine options. Alternatively, perhaps you want to make a big deal out of welcome drinks or supply a signature cocktail to kick the evening off.

What about tableware and decorations?

Finally, the last thing you may want to pay close attention to is the decorations and tableware. If there is a theme like a birthday or an anniversary you could decorate the room and table accordingly. Other things you could consider would be a colour scheme for napkins, glassware or table settings. Or even adding a table centrepiece of fresh flowers to add a bit of grandeur to the occasion.

I hope these top tips help you become much more equipped for the next dinner party you decide to organise.

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