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The Real Way To Save A Fortune On Your Next Trip

Travelling can be expensive, and this is something that can put people off. Don’t you think there’s more to life than working to live? We all need to get out there more and really make the most of life. There’s no reason you need to be making a fortune to do this either. Here’s the real way to save a fortune on your next trip:

Go At The Right Time

Going at the right time is super important. Knowing when low season is will help you to get better deals and avoid the crowds. You may also avoid ‘too hot’ weather, although it should still be nice. Don’t go at the same time as everybody else!

Look For Bargains

Looking for bargains is pretty easy only, and you can expect to find holidays under £150 if you’re on a real budget. You can look on lots of the different budget sites, and remember, the more last minute you look, the more money you have the potential to save.


Travel Without A Checked Bag (Or At Least Save On Fees)

Traveling as light as possible will save you a significant amount. Is there any way you can travel without a checked bag, maybe just with your hand luggage? If not, then at least make an effort to save on fees once you get to the airport. Accurately weigh your bag before you leave home, so you know that it is the right weight. Make sure you know what is permitted to be in your checked bag too, otherwise you may have to make some expensive replacements.

Eat Street Food

Going for sit down meals is lovely, but doing this every day can seriously add up. Instead, *eat street food. It’s a little messier, but just as delicious and a lot cheaper. Just make sure it’s as fresh as possible by buying from a vendor in a busier area. If you live off street food as often as you can, you’ll save a fortune. If you do want a sit down meal, consider having an earlier dinner, as the menu should be significantly cheaper.

Forget Souvenirs

Souvenirs can be tempting, but what do you do with them when you arrive home? Probably put them somewhere to be forgotten about! By vowing not to go on the hunt for pointless souvenirs, you can have more money for something better.  

Mix And Match Flights

You don’t have to have both of your flights with the same company, you know. It can be a little more hassle, but mixing and matching your flights might just save you a significant amount on airfare.

Get Insurance

Insurance might seem like a pointless thing to you, but it’s going to protect you in the long-run. You don’t know what could happen on your trip, and insurance is going to give you peace of mind, and ensure you don’t end up with a huge medical bill.

Use these tips and you could save a fortune on your next trip away. Have an amazing time!


The Ultimate Dinner Party: Everything You Need To Think About


Many people love the idea of throwing a dinner party. A chance to socialise in your home, drinking great beverages, and eating amazing food. However, while it’s amazing to host a dinner party, it can be somewhat stressful for the host to ensure that they cover all angles. But don’t threat, here is a quick guide on how you can throw the ultimate dinner party. Leaving you time to enjoy the shenanigans rather than feel stressed about them.

Finalise your guest list

One of the main categories of organising a dinner party is working out your guest list and who to invite. There is the consideration of how much space you have and if you can accommodate a certain number of people. After all, it’s all well and good inviting lots of people, but if they have nowhere to sit, or anywhere to enjoy the food, it can add unwanted stress to the situation. This is when you need to consider your table and dining options for the dinner party. Some people choose to host them outside of their home if you have a number of people attending. Perhaps taking the party outside if the weather is good or even hiring a venue for the occasion. There is definitely a lot you can consider.

Consider a theme for your dinner party

The next thing to think about would be a theme for your dinner party. Is there a particular occasion you are celebrating, or would you like to theme your menu or decor? Some people choose to honour seasonal produce and local suppliers as a theme in itself. Another trend that seems to be increasing in popularity is spreading the job of cooking. Where one person handles the starter, the next the main course and so on. People sometimes even switch homes if they live close in proximity.


Ensure you choose the right drinks

Food is, of course, a huge part of the dinner party, but often the drinks choices are left as a last minute decision. The thing is, the drinks you supply can complement the food you serve. Which is why it may be worth matching your wine choices to the ingredients on the menu. There is information online on websites like the O'Briens Wine blog which is full of information on different wine options. Alternatively, perhaps you want to make a big deal out of welcome drinks or supply a signature cocktail to kick the evening off.

What about tableware and decorations?

Finally, the last thing you may want to pay close attention to is the decorations and tableware. If there is a theme like a birthday or an anniversary you could decorate the room and table accordingly. Other things you could consider would be a colour scheme for napkins, glassware or table settings. Or even adding a table centrepiece of fresh flowers to add a bit of grandeur to the occasion.

I hope these top tips help you become much more equipped for the next dinner party you decide to organise.


Finding A Home In A New Land

Not everyone who lives here has lived here forever. Not everyone who lives here now is going to live here forever. Our time in this world can take us on all kind of winding paths and it can be hard to know whether or not they’re right for us. However, with a bit of guidance and perspective, we can live a fruitful happy life wherever we decide to live it.

Existing barriers

Language is the first barrier we start crossing, but it’s usually the last that we truly cross. After all, reading a language and speaking are a different thing. Without being able to speak as fluently as we can read, it can be difficult to truly feel comfortable. For newcomers to our land, https://effortlessenglishclub.com/how-to-learn-english-very-fast and similar sites have great tips on how to get that confident a little quicker. Finding conversational partners who are patient and willing to help can be the greatest help of all and there are many opportunities to find them online.

New perspectives

If you have someone in your new home who is important to you, then it’s important to realize that sometimes the difference in cultures gears both of you to think differently. This different perspective might bring some perks, but it will also bring with it disagreements. Particularly in a marriage, these disagreements and changes can be difficult but you can get past them. As long as you have a shared vision and you communicate often, then these differences in perspective can just be another quirk you love about one another.

A smaller world

As https://www.internations.org/magazine/living-in-a-foreign-country-how-to-adapt-15281 states, one of the greatest challenges of all is just adapting to the country around you. All the places you loved and things you knew aren’t there. The world can feel a lot smaller even if you’ve moved into a much bigger city. The culture might seem odd and even wrong. The best way to get over those feelings and start loving your new home is to experience more of it with an open mind. If you have a close friend in your new home or a spouse, then ask them to go with you to some parts of the new town or city that you haven’t experienced. It’s a lot easier to try out new things when you have someone to help you experience them safely. And as you experience more with an open mind, you can see those things that looked wrong as simply different.

Old relationships

The powers that be may have seen it fit to lead you to a new home, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about the old one. Keeping in touch with friends and family is going to help you get past some of the earlier challenges of acclimating to a new life. But it’s important to maintain those relationships even when you don’t need their help as often. Write to them, send them pictures of the experiences you’re having. You can even try and organize a visit when you’re more settled.

Whether you’re new to the country or you’re planning to move away from it, believe in yourself and work on making the change. The best things in life come when we ask for them and deserve them. The same can be said for a happy life in a new land.


The Pursuit Of Happiness: Easy Ways To Turn That Frown Upside Down

We all strive to be happy. Nothing beats the feeling of when you’re laughing so much your tummy hurts, or you can’t stop smiling. Sadly, it’s just not realistic to feel ecstatic every day, but there are lots of things you can do if you are having one of those days when you’re finding it hard to turn your frown upside down.

Get connected

If you’re feeling down, connecting with others can lift your mood and make you smile. Even if you can’t schedule a drink after work or a lunch date, sending a text message or chatting on the phone can make all the difference. It’s good to have time to yourself from time to time, but sometimes, you need others to change your mood. Give that friend that always makes you laugh a call or get some reassurance from your mom. It’s amazing the difference other people can make to how you feel.

Image: pixabay.com

Be creative

Do you have a job that requires you to be on the ball 24/7? Are you surrounded by spreadsheets or do you spend most of your day trying to close deals or negotiate with clients? Many of us have jobs that don’t allow us to express ourselves, and being creative in your spare time can really help you to cope with stress, but also to celebrate your creativity and have some fun. Are you a dab hand with a hammer and an avid fan of upcycling furniture or do you love painting or sewing? Are you an aspiring writer or do you love trying out new recipes in the kitchen? Whatever you enjoy, taking time out to have fun and express yourself can do you a world of good.

Image: pixabay.com

Get some vitamin D

Do you spend most of the week cooped up in an office or a studio? If you haven’t seen the light of day for a while, get some vitamin D. Even a 5-minute stroll in the sunshine during your lunch break can make you feel more energetic and motivated. Go for a job after work, take your bike out or spend the evening chilling out in your garden.


Have you ever noticed the difference in your mood before and after a workout? Even if you’re dreading going to the gym, you don’t want to go to your yoga class, or you can’t be bothered to go for a swim, you’ll always emerge in a better mood and 99 percent of the time, you’ll be glad that you made the effort to exercise. Exercise helps you to manage stress, it clears your mind, and it causes your body to release happy hormones. Next time you’re thinking of missing a session, remember how great you’ll feel afterwards.

Image: flickr.com

All of us want to be happy. Even the jolliest people have days when they’re not their usual cheery self, but there are some simple pick-me-ups you can use to put a smile back on your face. Hopefully, this guide will have you grinning again in no time.


Small, Simple Changes Can Make A Big Difference To Your Home

When most people think of home improvements, they are likely to start worrying about their bank balances, too. And it’s no surprise, really - not many families have £20K to throw around on a new bathroom or kitchen, for example.

But do you really have to spend big for a nicer looking living space? And is it really necessary to go through all that upheaval while builders go at your home room by room? Not necessarily, In fact, even the smallest little changes can make a huge difference to the look of your house. And we’re going to take a look at some of the right now - let’s get started right away.

Revamp your bathroom

First of all, take a look at your tiling. If the grout in between each tile is looking a little dingy or dirty, there’s an easy fix. Head to your DIY local store and buy some grout remover and apply it to the areas that need some work. Make sure you have plenty of ventilation, however, as grout remover has a lot of fumes that can make you feel ill.

Once you have finished, your grout should look as good as new - and your tiles will be sparkling clean. Another simple fix is to fit some new bath taps to your tub. It takes a matter of minutes if you are handy with a screwdriver, and can make a decidedly average bath look super expensive.

Clean up your kitchen

Tired of your kitchen looking a little grotty? A simple, fresh coat of paint can be all you need to make the difference and give your kitchen a new lease of life. You can clean your kitchen tiles much like your bathroom tiles, too.

If your cupboards and drawers are looking a little run down and battered, jazz things up a little by looking for some brass handles. There’s no need to start planning for an entirely new set of kitchen units when a few nice handles are all you need to make the difference.

Brighten up your living room

Break up large expanses of wall space by taking some pictures and getting them printed and framed, before sticking them up on your wall. If you’re bored with your sofa and comfortable chairs, why not spice them up a little with a brand new throw and a set of new cushions instead of spending a fortune on a shiny new sofa?

And, instead of splashing out on a new carpet, why not see if you can go for the exposed floorboards look? You’ll need a heavy-duty sander and some wax or oil sealant, but it should only take a weekend, and the end result can look spectacular.

Spice up your bedroom

When you have a bedroom in a family home, it can often become a dumping ground. And if you want to make a big difference to how you relax - day or night - then finding a home for all that stuff will do you wonders. A good rule of thumb is if something doesn’t have a home in a cupboard, wardrobe, or drawer, it’s probably not worth keeping.

So, a final tip - invest in a few cheap storage options, and you will find that your bedroom’s appearance improves almost overnight. Good luck!


Bambino Disco at LCB Depot Leicester

On Saturday 13th May the Bambino Disco is returning to the LCB Depot in the heart of Leicester's Cultural Quarter and bringing the Bambino Disco family fiesta vibe back for part two for another 'Strictly Vinyl' session; playing 4 hours of underground dance music, hip-hop, disco, breaks and dubbed out beats, giving little ones and their adults a chance to share the dance floor for a few hours at our relaxed family friendly daytime party... Best of all it's FREE ENTRY.

The event will start at 12pm and run through to 4pm, weather permitting it will take place outside in the secure courtyard at the rear of LCB Depot if the weather is bad it will be indoors in the main area. To keep people's energy up the in-house eatery Greys Coffee Shop & Kitchen will be serving a wide range of healthy food & snacks as well as soft drinks, tea & coffee plus it also has a fully licensed bar if you fancy something a bit stronger.

Other facilities at LCB Depot include: baby changing facilities, regularly serviced toilets, free wi-fi, secure NCP car parking across the road. Something #FamilyFresh and FREE for Leicester.

BAMBINO DISCO Part 2 Fun Filled Family Fiestas 

@ LCB Depot
31 Rutland St, The Cultural Quarter, Leicester, LE1-1RE

12pm - 4pm



14/48 Leicester The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival

The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival is back!

The 14/48 Festival returns to The Y Theatre Leicester on 5th and 6th May for it's eight festival. It's a not-to-be-missed show!

14/48 festival was originally conceived in Seattle, the festival first came to Leicester in 2013 and now appears twice a year at the city’s historic Y theatre.

So what’s so quick about it? The festival pits around 65 professional theatre makers to produce 14 brand new short plays in just 48 hours. It all starts on the Thursday evening, when the artists pick a theme for the first batch of plays at random. 7 writers are then sent away to write a ten minute play each overnight. At 9am the following morning, the directors pick their scripts at random, then at 10am they pick their cast at random, and just 10 hours later the plays have their opening night at 8pm, and closing night at 10.30pm complete with set, costume, and music from a live house band. Then… the audience are invited to put new themes into the hat, one is drawn and the whole process repeats itself for the following evening, creating 14 plays in 48 hours.

“There is nothing like the energy, talent and unbounded creativity of 14/48. There is no other form of theatre that I look forward to more.” Audience member

The festival claims Leicester as it’s home city here in the UK, with festivals in Wolverhampton and London having joined the international programme of festivals over the last couple of years.

So what can we expect to see on the 5th May at 8pm when the doors open to the public? It’s all down to the luck of the draw!

The festival and its ideals were established in Seattle in 1997. Leicester is the UK’s hub for the festival, developing festivals in a series of other Cities in partnership with regional Producers.

Listings information:

Venue - The Y, 7 East Street, Leicester, LE1 6EY
Date – Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May

Time – 8.00pm and 10.30pm shows each night

Price - £7 per ticket (£5 concessions), or £10 for a ‘festival ticket’ for both nights (£8 concessions)

Website: https://1448leicesterfest.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1448Leicester
Twitter: https://twitter.com/1448Leicester

For further information about 14/48 Leicester contact Bob Christer, Executive Producer at bob@1448uk.com

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