27 Mar 2017

Getting Free Stuff That Really Rocks

If you are like most people, you absolutely love to be able to get your hands on free stuff. Here are some great ways that you can get the best stuff for free...

Companies today are very aware that consumers enjoy getting goods for free, so they will offer items for free from time to time. You simply have to know where to look. For example, there are a lot of companies that will coordinate freebies with certain third party organizations in return for you completing an online survey. There are other companies that will make the free offers known on their website.

What it all comes down to is knowing where to look, as well as how to ask, so that you can get the free stuff that you will enjoy the most.

Here are some of the top tips that have been proven for getting free stuff:

The Best Free Stuff Online

You can find some some really cool items over on the free stuff website . Here they are more selective and will not simply let anyone post offers for free. Instead, they will screen every offer to protect you, the freebie shopper.

The best websites are also those that will require you to do some work beforehand in return for free items. What you need to remember here is that you are looking at quality over quantity.
Finding Great Free Stuff Elsewhere

Are you looking for free samples of items that you already like and use? A great idea is to bypass snail mail and go straight to the phone. Look up numbers for the companies you are interested in and then give real honest feedback of their products. The chances are you may receive some coupons or free samples in return.

You may find some success if you give constructive criticism on a product that you did not rate that well. Feedback is important for product development and the representatives will thank you for your honesty. More than likely, you will receive coupons for more of their products in hopes that you will be satisfied in the future.

This is something that can also work for you in restaurants. If you have a complaint that is legitimate, you can speak with the manager about it. Your meal may then be offered for free, a discount given or a coupon for your next visit. Just keep in mind that you never want to overdo it. I suggest to only do this when you are genuinely unhappy with the service or meal you received.

Ask And You Shall Receive

One of the easiest ways to get free goods will be to ask for donations. The items can not be for your own personal use. Instead it will be on behalf of some sort of non-profit organization. There are times when you can get free food platters, groceries, arts and crafts or decorations from stores on behalf of your church, school group or other organization. After all it will be for a good cause and people like to help.

All you have to do is ask, follow these guides and you could see the freebies rolling in!


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