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18 Jan 2017

Hygge The Danish Art of Living Well With BoConcept Edinburgh

You may have seen or already be aware of the Danish phenomenon of Hygge (pronounced 'hue-gah') as it seems to be the word of the moment. Taken from the Old Norse words hu -meaning thought, mind, courage and hyggia which means to think. Hygge doesn't have a direct English translation but I feel the it can be summed up by one word cosiness. Hygge is a sense of belonging, contentment and the simplicity of being present in the moment. That place that is familiar to you, the feeling of being home, a sense of love. Hygge will be different for everyone as needs will differ from one person to the next. For me Hygge is that quiet satisfaction and security of unwinding in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. A space that is just for me or my Fortress of Solitude as I like to call it. A place where I can let go, connect with my surroundings and have an awareness of both my inner and outer space. 

I have been working with *BoConcept the designer furniture store to put together a collection of their pieces to reflect my perfect place for Hygge. BoConcept concentrates on urban danish design for the urban minded customer and they opened a new flagship store in Edinburgh late last year on 26th December 2016. 

I love nothing more than getting cosy on a comfy armchair with my feet up, a good book and cup of tea in hand. with that in mind I wanted to create a place where I could do exactly that. BoConcept have so many fantastic pieces of furniture available it was hard to choose! In the end I went for this green Osaka armchair  and contrasting purple Bermuda footstool. Alongside these I would have the Como wall system to display my colourful accessories and favourite books. All these combined  would create a perfect place of cosiness for me to unwind.

What does Hygge mean to you? The uncomplicated art of living cosy? Or the feeling of warmth when being with family or friends? Whatever it is I think we should all take a page out the Danes book and embrace Hygge in our lives and our hearts. 

'We still carry within us, in a small warm spot, the idea of home. Home as a safe place, a loving place and a creative place. A place of comfort and privacy.A place where we can explore our inner life.'

Llse Crawford


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