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Hygge The Danish Art of Living Well With BoConcept Edinburgh

You may have seen or already be aware of the Danish phenomenon of Hygge (pronounced 'hue-gah') as it seems to be the word of the moment. Taken from the Old Norse words hu -meaning thought, mind, courage and hyggia which means to think. Hygge doesn't have a direct English translation but I feel the it can be summed up by one word cosiness. Hygge is a sense of belonging, contentment and the simplicity of being present in the moment. That place that is familiar to you, the feeling of being home, a sense of love. Hygge will be different for everyone as needs will differ from one person to the next. For me Hygge is that quiet satisfaction and security of unwinding in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere. A space that is just for me or my Fortress of Solitude as I like to call it. A place where I can let go, connect with my surroundings and have an awareness of both my inner and outer space. 

I have been working with *BoConcept the designer furniture store to put together a collection of their pieces to reflect my perfect place for Hygge. BoConcept concentrates on urban danish design for the urban minded customer and they opened a new flagship store in Edinburgh late last year on 26th December 2016. 

I love nothing more than getting cosy on a comfy armchair with my feet up, a good book and cup of tea in hand. with that in mind I wanted to create a place where I could do exactly that. BoConcept have so many fantastic pieces of furniture available it was hard to choose! In the end I went for this green Osaka armchair  and contrasting purple Bermuda footstool. Alongside these I would have the Como wall system to display my colourful accessories and favourite books. All these combined  would create a perfect place of cosiness for me to unwind.

What does Hygge mean to you? The uncomplicated art of living cosy? Or the feeling of warmth when being with family or friends? Whatever it is I think we should all take a page out the Danes book and embrace Hygge in our lives and our hearts. 

'We still carry within us, in a small warm spot, the idea of home. Home as a safe place, a loving place and a creative place. A place of comfort and privacy.A place where we can explore our inner life.'

Llse Crawford


Zaap Thai Restaurant - Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle's Newgate street has flourished over the years. It was once the place to go for all your department store needs with it being the home of Co-op store for many a year until it's closure in 2007 and then it's food hall in 2011. The Art Deco building built in 1902 now hosts a Gym, a variety of restaurants and a Premier Inn. This newly revamped area is situated in the heart of Newcastle and is a perfect location for a night out whether it being just for cocktails or a tasty meal with friends and family. One of the newest additions is Zaap Thai Restaurant which opened it's doors on 17th August 2016.

I was kindly invited along by Zaap to check out the restaurant and try out their scrumptious menu. On entering the restaurant I was instantly transported to the streets of Bangkok. The interiors have been carefully thought out and put together to resemble a street in Thailand. A selection  of neon advertising signs are cleverly combined with colourful parasols giving the decor a quirky twist. I was lucky enough to be able to bring my friend Lisa along to accompany me. We were both very impressed when were shown to our booth which was a take on the traditional rickshaw or Tuk Tuk as its known in Thailand.

Serving cocktails (£6.95), mocktails (£4.95) and  a range non-alcoholic drinks it was hard to chose what to pick. In the end we opted for *Gra Jeab - roselle juice and *An Chan Soda - butterfly, pea, juice with soda water and lemon juice (£3.50). Both of which were so refreshing and satisfying!

With authentic dishes hand picked from the North, East, West and the deep South of Thailand the menu offers the very best of Thai Street food. You can also specify your preferred spice level so that your dish will meet your own personal spicy needs. I was glad to see a good number of veggie options available on the menu. For my starter I went for *Vegetable Gyoze - Japanese stye fried dumpling with vegetable filling (£4.50), I love Gyoze so this was a must for me. For the main deal I devoured the flavoursome *Vegetable Gang Kiew Wan - Thai green curry served with Jasmine Rice (£8.50) which was fresh and full of spice and left me wanting more. The desert was recommended for me a *Pancake filled with a green custard served with vanilla ice cream (£3.95). I have never had anything like this before it was truly delicious! 

I have to say I really enjoyed my first visit to Zaap the staff were friendly, polite and welcoming, the atmosphere was warm and the food was spectacular. Thank you for having me Zaap I can't wait for my next visit!

There's More To Life Than Instagram

So lets face it I've been a bit AWOL of late. It's not that I just couldn't be bothered or even that I had lost my blogging mojo. I had things to say but to be totally honest I wasn't ready to share. I've have had many posts planned, in fact I even had them all finished in my drafts ready to go all I had to do was press that publish button. However it didn't feel right. You see things haven't been exactly what they seem. I could have just published the things about the awesome meals, the trips to the theatre and the fabulous nights out I've had but I would just feel like a fraud. 

Last year was a strange one a bit of a head$!#@ for lack of better words. I've been through a break up, house moves and all the things in-between. I need to be honest, I need it out in the open 2016 wasn't the best. I've had a few big life changes and I needed that time to step back from my blog adjust and get my head together.

You see with this thing called social media you can hide things and pretend that everything is okay. You effectively become an edited version of yourself. You can cut out the bad bits, the bits you'd rather people didn't know about. You never see the full picture. It's not healthy and sometimes it just doesn't feel right to me. There's this pressure to have this 'picture perfect' lifestyle . However there's more to life than Instagram and what social media portrays. After all you can't fit your whole story into 140 characters or fit your heartaches, woes and stresses into a filtered square photo. You need to remember that nobody is perfect, not everybody has their sh@# together. I mean who does!? There's life behind the scenes of that photo or witty tweet. A real person. The above picture is a unedited unfiltered photo of me with my spotty chin, wrinkly baggy tired eyes and frizzy natural hair. Thats me. Most importantly you need to remember..

It's okay to admit you are struggling.

And now with this is off my chest I feel like I can move forward and begin the next chapter in my life. Hello 2017 nice to meet you I'm Victoria 34 (tomorrow), single and starting a new. I welcome you with open arms -  Lets do this!

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