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Sunny Holiday Destinations And The Basic Travel Essentials

With winter well and truly upon us the days are chilly, the nights are even colder and my time is being spent wrapped up in a blanket and clinging to my hot chocolate. That's why I have been thinking ahead to 2018 and dreaming of sunny holiday destinations. The sun, the sea, the sand and that delicious fruity cocktail (or three) that I will be sipping by the pool. That special time and feeling that you can only get when on holiday. The time away from your everyday home life and work. It's your time to escape it all, let go and relax.

As I research and look into possible destinations (Singapore, Bali or maybe even Thailand), places I can have an adventure, places to explore and make new memories, I make lists. So many lists! I like to start with listing what items I'm going to take along with me. If you start with the basic essentials you can build on from there and prepare for your journey.


As well as looking stylish they are a must for eye protection against the glare of the sun and no sunny holiday destination would be complete without them. Admittedly I currently have seven pairs of sunglasses (is that excessive?) different styles and colours to go with different moods and outfits. And for my next trip I will most definitely be purchasing a new pair. Okay maybe I do have a slight sunglasses addiction  problem..


Whether you are a bikini, one piece or tankini kinda gal getting your ladies swimwear sorted for that fabulous sunny holiday is muchos important. It has to be comfortable, practical and stylish all in one. I mean you have to look and feel good right? I usually take about three or four bikinis with me on holiday. I then rotate them daily throughout the stay so I don't get sick of the wearing the same thing. 

Holiday Haircare Products

If you are like me and your hair expands in size, becomes frizzy and completely wild at any sign of humidity, then holiday haircare products should be on your basic essential list. Holiday haircare is a must for me. I always take a UV protector spray and a leave in conditioner that I use every other day to help prevent sun damage. Alongside these I always include a hair serum to keep my hair shiny and most importantly frizz free!



Yes the most essential packing tool the actual luggage you put everything in! I've gone through many suitcases over the years due to over packing and wheels breaking. I guess I have learned the hard way to pack lighter and be more organized. When looking for a suitcase I like to have luggage with at least three compartments. The main section for your clothes, one for shoes and one for your cosmetics. And when it comes to the design the more bold and colorful the better for me. That way you'll find your suitcase easily when on the airport baggage carousel. 

Once I have got my basic essentials in place I then move onto planing everything else and of course writing more lists!


Tapas Revolution New Lounge & Sangria Bar In Newcastle

Image courtesy of Neil Reading PR

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch night of Tapas Revolution’s highly anticipated Lounge & Sangria Bar on Blackett Street, Newcastle. Alongside the restaurant a beautiful separate bar area has been created. With vivid blue tiles, potted greenery and Iberian music it brings a taste of Madrid’s lively bar scene to Newcastle. 

Owner Omar Allibhoy comments: “I’m excited to be opening our first Lounge & Sangria Bar in Newcastle, there’s a great bar scene here and I’m excited to get involved and bring some Spanish twists to the mix.“

Image courtesy of Neil Reading PR

The bar has a unique selection of tastastic sangria filled with innovative fruit and flavour combinations. I have only had sangria a few times so I was looking forward to sampling the five different kinds the menu had to offer. Some of my favorites from the night were;

Skinny Tradicional 
(£16.00) - with 30% less sugar, which is a mix of red wine, pineapple, orange and strawberry. 

Sparkling Tropical Sangria 
(£18.00) - a blend of refreshing sangria with crisp Cava, passion fruit, watermelon, pineapple.

White Berry Sangria
(£16.00) - made with white wine, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and blackberries.

Bar De Tapas also has a fantastic new Gin and Tonic menu or ‘Gin Tonics’ as they are called in Spain. The Gin Tonic menu features a selection of Omar’s favourite Spanish distilleries that use fresh regional botanicals to produce a fine aromatic spirit. Each served in the traditional balloon glass which makes it feel extra special. Highlights include;

(£8.00) – a blend of mahon gin served with Fever-Tree Indian tonic, homemade lemonade and a lemon and lime garnish 

Puerto de Indias Strawberry 
(£8.00)a mix of delicate gin made with Andalusian strawberries and served with Fever-Tree elderflower tonic, strawberry and mint.

Image courtesy of Neil Reading PR

An array of Spanish beers from family owned premium lager Estrella Galicia will also be on the menu, alongside a carefully curated selection of craft beer. For wine enthusiasts there will be a large cellar wall with a wide selection of wines from across Spain.

I had such a fantastic night at the launch of Tapas Revolution Newcastle Bar. They have a splendiferous selection of sangria that will make your taste buds sparkle and your soul sing. The best sangria Ive tasted fo sho! I am already planning my next visit with the girls and we are going to make a night of it. Sangria, Cocktails, Gin Tonic & Tapas.. I can't wait!


Need Great Universal Christmas Gift Ideas? Look No Further!

Christmas is almost upon us and yes that means only one thing.. massive queues and a last-minute dash to find that perfect unique gift idea. Christmas is a time for giving, enjoying the company of your loved ones, being merry and eating your weight in festive food. It is truly a splendid  way of finishing off the year. However buying presents can be stressful. Trying to think of  that unique gift idea to stand out from the crowd is hard. That perfect present that they don't already have and something they will remember. Let’s take a look at some universal Christmas gift ideas that you may not have thought of..

Image source: Pexels

Some new furniture
This makes a great Christmas present idea for anyone who has a place of their own or is moving to a new home. Yes, it really is that universal, and with some research by asking your loved ones a few sneaky questions you can find out what they may want, need and desire. Furniture can be an almost-surefire fantastic gift. If you’re feeling generous, you could even get some luxurious furnitureNot that you have to splash out an insane amount of cash on a big one off piece, you could buy a smaller side table for instance which would go nicely with a preexisting sofa. 

 Image source: Pexels
Accessories for the phone
In the day and age of communication technology, mobile phone ownership feels almost compulsory. We can then assume your loved one will probably have their own device. So why not accessories their phone with some universal gift ideas? This is a sure way to make anyone smile when opening their present on Christmas morning. Perhaps they are a bit more into music than the average person? Then maybe get them a good pair of over-ear headphones. Remember there are some fantastic headphones out there especially Beats by Dre, you may have heard of them as they are currently everywhere! And there is no need to spend several hundred pounds on a pair of headphones as you can find something of similar quality for much less, while still looking stylish.

Image source: Pixabay
Maybe a sparkly new TV?
Have you been around to your friend's house recently and noticed that their TV might be due for an update about now? Why not help them out and improve their viewing experience for their sake and yours by getting them a new TV. That way the next time you head over for a movie, beer and pizza night you'll be sorted. Of course not everyone has the budget ready to buy a brand new OLED 4k-ready TV at the drop of a hat, so why not gift them something along the lines of a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription. That will most defiantly be a worthy substitute and to be honest this is something I would absolutely  love! After all, you do not need a top of the line, state of the art TV just to enjoy Stranger Things or binge watch Rick & Morty.

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