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18 Jan 2016

Where It All Began..

During my time in recovery from chronic illnesses (read about that here) I changed the way I worked from detailed to simple and bold. It was the only thing that my cloudy head and fatigued body could deal with at the time. I wanted to create something to make me smile and forget about illness. Mr Fox was born and so was a new style and way of working. He was my original design many moons ago, he's where it all began and he is still one of my most popular designs today. I'm really grateful for the journey this has lead me on and I'm really proud how much my little business has grown.
I'm looking forward to expanding my range this year, showing you my new designs and the new cheeky characters that will be joining the DMJ family. I hope that they make you smile as much as they do me.

Good things can come out of bad circumstances.

Stay strong and believe in YOU!


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